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Learning Community Forum

The Learning Community Forum is formerly known as Student-Staff Feedback Committee (SSFC).

The Learning Community Forum comprises one or two student representatives from each year, and normally meets twice per semester. In attendance for the Department of Art History are Dr Ting Chang (Chair) and Dr Gaby Neher (Director of Undergraduate Studies).

All three to four years of undergraduates in the Department of Art History have two or three student representatives, preferably from different courses: single honours Art History and joint honours Art History. It is the responsibility of the student representatives to:

  • identify student concerns,
  • attend Staff-Student-Feedback Committee meetings,
  • report back to the students in the Department,
  • keep students informed of issues in the Department,
  • liaise with other student representatives in the Department,
  • liaise with the Students' Union,
  • attend the departmental meetings of the Department of Art History.

Students are asked to contact their year representative about any aspects of the Department they feel may be relevant for discussion.

The purposes of the Forum are to ensure that the views of students are given proper weight in the processes of course and module review, and to ensure that the concerns of students about their courses of study are represented to the academic staff throughout the academic year.

Students are encouraged to undertake such duties as preparing agendas, chairing meetings, and minuting them. Meetings are advertised and minuted, and the student representatives of the Forum attend the non-restricted parts of departmental meetings. It is not expected that every action requested by student representatives will be implemented, but it is expected that they should be given proper consideration; and if they are not implemented, the grounds should be explained.

Training for student representatives is managed by the Staff and Educational Development Unit in partnership with the Students' Union.

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