Department of Cultural, Media and Visual Studies

Outreach with schools and in the community

The Department of Cultural Media and Visual Studies offers a range of disciplines including film and television studies, mass media and journalism, cultural studies and critical theory, art history and visual culture. As part of our efforts we work closely with the local community, and in particular schools and college students studying in these areas.

We are part of the Undergraduate Ambassador Scheme which places students in local schools to support the teaching of GCSE and A level film and media studies courses.

Our department also hosts a variety of public events, including exhibitions, festivals and workshops.

Postgraduate student talking to fellow students
A teacher teaching a lesson to primary school students in a turquoise classroom.

Information for primary schools

A teacher wearing a green cardigan helping a student in the middle of a lesson.

Information for secondary schools and colleges

A teacher helping a student mid-lesson.

Undergraduate ambassadors


Department of Cultural, Media and Visual Studies

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