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China Research Group - Research

Research themes

  • Agricultural and environmental economics
  • Business administration and management
  • Economic systems and institutional change
  • Experimental and behavioural economics
  • Health, Education and Welfare
  • Industrial organisation
  • Innovation, technological change and growth
  • International economics
  • Labour and demographic economics
  • Migration and Urbanisation

 Research projects and grants

ESRC funded project entitled : Local Government, Economic Growth and Human Development: Chinese Lessons for Kenya and Uganda? - Professor Lina Song
(2015-2019). £571,266 (fEC: £675,326).
Research Grant : Governance of Network Society - Professor Cong Cao
China National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Sciences (14ZDA063), 2014−2016. Co-Investigator with Wang Fang as Principal Investigator. Total RMB 800,000.
Research Grant : Nanotechnology in Society – Interdisciplinary Research Group on Globalization and Nanotechnology - Professor Cong Cao
U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) (SES−0938099), 2011−2016. Collaborator with Richard P. Appelbaum et al. as Principal Investigators. Total $7,077,759.
PhD. Studentship : Carbon Capture and Storage in China – Technology, Policy,
International Collaboration and Implications for the Global Climate Change Challenge - Professor Cong Cao
U.K. National Center for Carbon Capture and Storage, 2013−2016. Ph.D.
Supervisor. £58,777.
Research Grant : Opening the ‘Black Box’ of Science and Technology Policy Making in China: The Case of Biotechnology - Professor Cong Cao
Science, Technology, and Society, U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) (SES−1115319), 2010−2013. Principal Investigator. $63,647.
Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship : Globalization and Reform of China’s Science and Technology System - Professor Cong Cao
EU FP7−PEOPLE−2011 (IIF−302303), 2012−2014. Scientist in Charge. €209,033.40.
Project title: Financial Risk Analysis, learning from Graph-based Kernel Machine (2016-2018) - Dr Chaoyan Wang
Funding body: the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Grant No. 61503422.
Project Title: “Reaching Chinese consumers through the physical and digital marketing platforms of commodity trading markets in China” (2016-2017) - Dr Jinmin Wang
Funding body: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC Impact Accelerator Fund).

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