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Xuening Cheng

NUBS China

Ziyi Ren

Title: Empirical research on the relationship between economic development, FDI and environmental degradation in China

Supervisors: Dr Jing Zhang and Professor Shujie Yao

Research interests: Relationship between economic development and environmental degradation, impact of FDI on China's industrial pollution


Honghu Chu

Title: Political Economy, Ownership Structure and Firm Performance

Supervisor: Dr Jian Chen

Research interests: Finance; Corporate Finance; Political Economy; and Industrial Economics

Shuangqi Wu

Title: A critical perspective on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in China

Supervisors: Professor Lina Song, Professor Shujie Yao and Dr Jinmin Wang

Research interests: CSR in China, international comparison of CSR


Wei Jiang

Title: Impact of the Healthcare Reform on the Performance of Public Hospitals, Evidence from Eastern China

Supervisors: Professor. Zhuo (Adam) Chen, Dr. Xuyan Lou, Professor Lina Song

Research interests: Health economics, Policy evaluation in health sector, Public hospital reform, Hospital management.

Fan Zhang

Title: Housing in Urban China: Ownership, Investment, and Regional Disparity

Supervisors: Professor Lina Song and Dr Jing Zhang

Research interests: Applied microeconomics with particular interests in household behaviour, the determinants of decision-making, and intra-household resource distribution


Zhe Liang

Title: Labour Market Segmentation in China

Supervisors: Professor Lina Song, Dr Bin Wu

Research interests: Labour market segmentation between formal and informal sectors

Yuan Zhao

Title: Capital Structure Dynamics of Chinese Listed Companies

Supervisors: Dr Jian Chen and Dr Hong Li

Research interests: Corporate finance, capital structure, financial markets


Karl James McAlinden

Title: Diffusion, Adoption and Development of Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS): International Cooperation and Social Learning with the People's Republic of China

Supervisors: Professor Cong Cao, Assistant Professor Jinmin Wang

Research interests: China's Environment and Climate Change, Innovation Diffusion, Clean Energy Technologies, International Cooperation

Boya Zhou

Title: Institutional change of rural water conservancy supplying in rural China

Supervisors: Dr Lai Hongyi and Professor Cao Cong

Research interests: Public policy, urban affairs, environment and energy, institutional change







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