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Research themes

  • Agricultural and environmental economics
  • Business administration and management
  • Economic systems and institutional change
  • Experimental and behavioural economics
  • Health, Education and Welfare
  • Industrial organisation
  • Innovation, technological change and growth
  • International economics
  • Labour and demographic economics
  • Migration and Urbanisation



Research projects and grants

Local Government, Economic Growth and Human Development: Chinese Lessons for Kenya and Uganda?

Professor Lina Song

ESRC funded project

(2015-2019). £571,266 (fEC: £675,326).


Governance of Network Society

Professor Cong Cao

Research Grant

China National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Sciences (14ZDA063), 2014−2016. Co-Investigator with Wang Fang as Principal Investigator.

Total RMB 800,000.


Nanotechnology in Society – Interdisciplinary Research Group on Globalization and Nanotechnology

Professor Cong Cao

Research Grant

U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) (SES−0938099), 2011−2016. Collaborator with Richard P. Appelbaum et al. as Principal Investigators.

Total $7,077,759.


Carbon Capture and Storage in China – Technology, Policy, International Collaboration and Implications for the Global Climate Change Challenge

Professor Cong Cao

PhD. Studentship

U.K. National Center for Carbon Capture and Storage, 2013−2016. Ph.D. Supervisor.



Opening the ‘Black Box’ of Science and Technology Policy Making in China: The Case of Biotechnology

Professor Cong Cao

Research Grant

Science, Technology, and Society, U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) (SES−1115319), 2010−2013.

Principal Investigator. $63,647.


Globalization and Reform of China’s Science and Technology System

Professor Cong Cao

Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship

EU FP7−PEOPLE−2011 (IIF−302303), 2012−2014.

Scientist in Charge. €209,033.40.


Financial Risk Analysis, learning from Graph-based Kernel Machine

Dr Chaoyan Wang

Project (2016-2018)

Funding body: The National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Grant No. 61503422.


Reaching Chinese consumers through the physical and digital marketing platforms of commodity trading markets in China

Dr Jinmin Wang

Project (2016-2017)

Funding body: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC Impact Accelerator Fund).







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