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Dr Anastasios Pagiaslis

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BSc (Athens University of Economics & Business), MSc (Lancaster University), PhD (The University of Nottingham), Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (The Higher Edcuation Academy)
Assistant Professor in Marketing

Division: Marketing
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8466257
Location: B73 (North Building, Jubilee Campus)

Dr. Pagiaslis Anastasios is currently an Assistant Professor at Nottingham University Business School, Marketing Division. He joined the School in 2010 as a Graduate Teaching Assistant while at the same time completing his PhD research full time in the School. Previously he held a teaching and research assistantships in various universities in Greece and Hungary. He finished his MSc in Advanced Marketing Management at Lancaster University Management School with distinction and his undergraduate degree (4-years) at Athens University of Economics and Business at the top 3% of all graduates.

His current research interests lie in the general field of Consumer Psychology stemming from the work undertaken during his PhD studies on the psychological effects of sexual imagery in advertising on consumers. In more detail his research interests include: Self Determination Theory; Multi-disciplinary Consumer Research; Neuromarketing; Marketing Methodology; Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods; Marketing History & Philosophy; Means - End Chains; Structural Equation Modelling; Generalised linear modelling; Rasch modelling; Time perceptions (as either belonging to personality traits or a state based experience); Gender (as a psychological construct); and Values theory. His publications have appeared in journals such as Psychology and Marketing.

His teaching covers different areas of the Marketing discipline including Strategic and Digital Marketing, Marketing Services, Marketing Research and Branding and Advertising.

I am module convenor of the following modules:


Marketing Management (N12412)

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Current Research Activities
Multi-disciplinary Consumer Research; Self Determination Theory; Neuromarketing; Marketing Methodology; Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods; Marketing History & Philosophy; Means - End Chains; Structural Equation Modelling; Time perceptions; Gender; Values; Advertising Psychological Effects; Visceral Processes.

Publications from 2005 to the present day

Journal Articles

Pagiaslis, A.; Krontalis, A. (2014), "Green consumption behaviour antecedents environmental concern, knowledge, and beliefs", Psychology and Marketing, Vol.31 (5), pp. 335-348.

Fotopoulos, C.; Krystallis, A.; Pagiaslis, A. (2010), "Portrait Value Questionnaire?s (PVQ) Usefulness in Explaining Quality Food-Related Consumer Behavior", British Food Journal, forthcoming 2010.

Fotopoulos, C.; Krystallis, A.; Vassallo, M.; Pagiaslis, A. (2009), "Food Choice Questionnaire (FCQ) revisited. Suggestions for the development of an enhanced general food motivation model", Appettite, Vol.52, pp 199-208.

Chapters in Books

Fotopoulos, C.; Maglaras, G.; Pagiaslis, A. (2011), "Consumer Motivations & Congnitive Structures behind Quality Food Purchasing", in Baourakis, G, Mattas, K, Zopounidis, C and Dijk, G (ed) A resilient European food industry & food chain in a challenging world, (1), pp. 124-166, Nova Science Publishers, Inc.


Themistocleous, C; Pagiaslis, A; Smith, A;Wagner, C. 2017, "Scale Wars: An Exploration of 'Interval-Valued Scale' Attributes In Marketing Research", in 2017 Summer American Marketing Association Conference: \"Innovation and Sustainability in Marketing, San Francisco.

Themistocleous, C; Pagiaslis, A; Smith, A;Wagner, C. 2017, "Exploring interval-valued scales: A comparison of scale attributes between interval-valued and semantic differential scales", in The 10th Annual Euromed Academy Of Business (EMAB) Conference: \"Global and national business theories and practice: bridging the past with the future, Rome.

Pagiaslis, A. 2014, "Sex Sells? Indicators of consumer psychological compensatory mechanisms", in 28th International congress of applied psychology from crisis to sustainable well-being, Paris.

Pagiaslis, A. 2013, "Self Determination Theory in Marketing", in Fifth International Conference on Self-Determination Theory No. Pages: 7 Rochester, New York, USA.

Pagiaslis, A.; Smith, A.; Chuah, S. 2013, "What exactly does sex in advertising sell? Indicators of consumer psychological compensatory mechanisms", in International Association for Research in Economics & Psychology /Society for the Advancement of Behavioural Economics conference. Atlanta. USA..

Pagiaslis, A. 2012, "Sexual Imagery Advertising Issues in Consumer Motivational Processes", in Universitas 21 Doctoral Research Conference in Business (DRCB) No. Pages: 10 Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

Pagiaslis, A.; Krystallis, A. 2012, "Structural Correlates of Environmental Behavior the Case of Bio-fuels", in 41st EMAC Annual Conference Marketing to Citizens Going Beyond Customers and Consumers No. Pages: 10 Lisbon, Portugal.

Pagiaslis, A.; Maglaras, G.; Theodoridis, K.P. 2011, "The impact of Perceived Usefulness and Perceived Ease of Use on Online Purchases A comparison of Buyers and Non-Buyers Perceptions", in 16th International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications The New Knowledge Globalization Era Future Trends Changing Corporate and Marketing Communications No. Pages: 10, Athens, Greece.

Fotopoulos, C.; Maglaras, G.; Pagiaslis, A. 2009, "Consumer Motivations & Cognitive Structures behind Quality Food Purchasing", at Journal: 113th EAAE Seminar,A resilient European food industry & food chain in a challenging world, Chania, Crete, Greece, 3-6 September.

Fotopoulos, C.; Pagiaslis, A.; Maglaras, G. 2009, "Job Satisfaction Antecedents The Interplay Between Co - worker Relationships, Learning Organisation, Job Characteristics, Physical Working Environment, Recognition & Fair Remuneration", at Journal: 2nd Biennial International Conference on Services Orchestrating the Service Experience Music to the Ears of our Customers, Thessaloniki, Greece, 5 - 8 November.

Pagiaslis, A. 2005, "Change Management Under the Greek Perspective", at Current Issues in Change Management Challenges & Organisational Responses, Ohio International Conference.



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