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Dr Evgeniya Lukinova

Bachelor in Science (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology), Master of Science (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology), MA (University of Oregon), MA (University of Oregon), PhD (University of Oregon)
Assistant Professor in Behavioural Analytics

Department: Marketing
Centre/Institute: N/LAB
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8466683
Location: B78c (North Building, Jubilee Campus)

Evgeniya is an Assistant Professor in Behavioural Analytics. Evgeniya has published in leading interdisciplinary journals such as Scientific Reports, Nature Human Behavior and eLife. Before joining Nottingham University Business School, she was an Assistant Professor Faculty Fellow of Statistics at the New York University Shanghai. During her Postdoctoral appointments at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and New York University Shanghai, she was a PI of the human behaviour laboratory promoting the field of neuroeconomics. She received her Ph.D. in Political Science and an M.A. in Economics from the University of Oregon. She holds an M.S. and a B.S. from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in Applied Mathematics and Management.

Areas of Expertise
Human decision making in the social, risky and forward-looking environments with a focus on how stress biases and impacts the quality of our choices.


The following lists my publications from 2014 to the present day.

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Evgeniya's modules for MSc in Business Analytics introduce fundamental statistical concepts and key modelling techniques in data science, while laying a foundation for the general programming skills (Python) required by any top modern business analyst.

Evgeniya is module convenor of the following module(s):


Foundational Business Analytics (BUSI4371)

Details of all modules can be found on MyNottingham

Evgeniya's research focus has been on aggregated and individual human behaviour. She relies on tools from statistics, game theory, brain-imaging, biology and theories from economics, psychology, and neuroscience to understand why humans make shortsighted choices every day and how external and internal factors, such as scarcity, stress, or social pressure, can alter their behavior. At Nottingham University Business School, she plans to bring her expertise in human decision making to existing projects at N/LAB and investigate the mechanisms underlying impatient consumer choices and a way to mitigate those.

Previous successful research bids include:
- International Young Scholar Grant 31750110461 "Stress and its Impact on Decision-Making" (196900 CNY), PI, 2018, National Science Foundation of China (NSFC)
- Talents Young Scholar Grant (200000 CNY x 3 years), PI, 2017-2021, Shanghai Eastern Scholar Program (SESP), Shanghai Municipal of Education Commission (SMEC)
- Research Grant 16-01-00633 "Influence of the socialization process on collective behavior using methods of experimental economics" (800000 RUR), Co-PI, 2016-2018, Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR)

Evgeniya is currently supervising the following Research Students:

Kai Zhou
School Administrative Roles
Deputy Director of MSc Business Analytics



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