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N/LAB is a centre of excellence at the University of Nottingham in International Analytics. We research the use of Big Data and Machine Learning to augment social policy and business decision making. We derive novel forms of demographic intelligence that is generated from digital footprint data streams.

Our research focuses on the development of behavioural segmentation and predictive modelling techniques via novel computational and clustering methods applied to a rich range of data sources, from retail data to communications.

These are provided by their international collaborators across multiple countries including some of the world's fastest growing emerging economies such as Tanzania, Malaysia, Colombia and China.

Key aims and expertise 

The dual aim of developing and teaching state-of-the-art techniques for business data analytics, as well as applying and deploying them into ‘real-world’ scenarios are thanks to the extensive list of N/LAB partners.

This operating target ensures that researched areas and developed techniques are fit for purpose to be used with real-world datasets.

We also ensure that the teaching delivered as part of our MSc Business Analytics is fully aligned with the requirements of companies and businesses looking for data analysts.

A data driven approach focusing on real world problems is reflected in the lab's research.

Projects are ongoing all over the globe thanks to grants from organisations including:

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Innovate UK
  • ESRC
  • DFID and
  • Newton funds.

We have significant industry engagement with partners across the globe in key research areas such as:

  • telecommunications
  • advertising and
  • health

This is driven by real-world datasets and directly address the challenges faced by companies, industries and governments.

Our centre is composed of three academics supported by two research fellows and seven PhD students.

Further details can be found on our people page.



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