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Listed below are the most recent N/LAB publications in peer-reviewed academic journals as well as established conferences.


New Insights into Unethical Counterfeit Consumption - March 2016 Bian, X.; Wang, K.; Smith, A.; Yannopoulou, N. Journal of Business Research
Beyond Customer Segmentation – Temporal Topic Modelling for Big Retail Data - February 2016 Smith. G, Goulding, J., Smith A. American Marketing Association Conference, Las Vegas
Mobile Money – Towards Understanding Spending Patterns in Emerging Economies - February 2016 Iliffe, M., Smith, A., Roadknight, C., Goulding, J., Smith, G. American Marketing Association Conference, Las Vegas
Potential impact of air pollution coverage in the media on respiratory disease admissions - December 2015 Goulding, J., Tang P-S, Shaw, D. British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting, London
A novel symbolization technique for time-series outlier detection - October 2015 Smith, G., Goulding, J. In Proc. IEEE Conference on Big Data, Santa Clara
Social Power, Product Conspicuousness and the Demand for Luxury Brand Counterfeit Products - 2015  Bain, X.; Haque, S.; Smith, A. British Journal of Social Psychology
Modelling of Building Interiors with Mobile Phone Sensor Data - 2015 Rosser, J., Morley, J., Smith, G ISPRS International Journal Geo-Information
Computation of Novel Ideas from Scientific Corpora -  September 2015  Liu, H., Goulding, J European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Porto
AMP: a new time-frequency feature extraction method for intermittent time-series data - 2015 Barrack, D., J. Goulding J., Hopcraft, K., Preston, S., Smith, G. ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Time Series Workshop
Grouping Contacts for Information Tasks - July 2015  Holmes, P., Goulding, J., Sharples, S. British Human Computer Interaction, Lincoln
A Refined Limit on the Predictability of Human Mobility - March 2014 Smith, G., Weiser, R., Goulding, J., Barrack, D IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing, Hungary
Data Donation – Sharing Personal Data for Public Good - 2014 Skatova, A., Ng., E, Goulding, J. Digital Economy 2014: Application of Digital Innovation, London
Giving and sharing in the computer-mediated economy - November 2014 Harvey, J., Smith, A., Golightly, D. Journal of Consumer Behaviour
The Potential of Electromyography to Aid Personal Navigation - 2014 Pinchin, J., Smith, G., Hill, C., Moore, T., Loram, I Proceedings of the 27th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation - ION GNSS, Florida
Using Commercial Big Data to inform social policy, July 2014 Smith, A., Goulding, J  39th Annual Macromarketing Conference, London
A basis projection method for the clustering of intermittent time-series - 2014 Barrack, D., Goulding, J., Hopcraft, K., Preston, S., Smith., G. International Congress of Mathematicians, Seoul
Mapping Urban Neighbourhoods from Internet Derived Data - 2014 Brindley, P., Goulding, J., Wilson, M GISRUK, Glasgow 
The role of Hedonism in Ethical Tourism - January 2014 Malone, S., McCabe, S., Smith, A. Annals of Tourism Research



 Title Author Publication/Conference
Cross-system recommendation: User-modelling via Social Media versus Self-Declared Preferences - July 2016 Goulding, J, Alanazi, S., McAuley, D. ACM SIGWEB International Conference on Hypertext 
Event Series Prediction via Non-homogeneous Poisson Process Modelling - 2016 Goulding, J, Preston, S., Barrack, D., Smith, G IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, Barcelona


 In review

 Title Author Publication/Conference
The Social Structuring of Outdoor Advertising around Schools in a UK City Avram, G., Goulding, J, Cluley, R. Journal of Health and Place 
Stable Dynamic Topic modelling for retail data via Non-Negative Matrix Factorization Smith, G., Goulding, J, Smith, A. Management Science 




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