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Dr John Harvey

PhD (The University of Nottingham)
Assistant Professor in Marketing

Division: Marketing
E-mail: John.Harvey2@nottingham.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8466675
Location: B36 (North Building, Jubilee Campus)

John is module convenor of the following modules:


Digital Marketing (BUSI4484)
Leading Big Data Business Projects (BUSI4372)

Details of all modules can be found on MyNottingham

John is currently leading on the following projects:

  • The project will better understand, model and predict food sharing behaviour of users through the use of data analytics

John is currently collaborating on the following projects:

  • COVID-19: The CIVIC Project: ?Predicting Covid-19 Impact on Vulnerable Individuals and Communities via health, deprivation, and loyalty-card data

John is currently supervising the following Research Students:

Dominic Richard Vernon Reedman-Flint

Older Publications

Older Publications


Harvey, J.; Golightly, D.; Smith, A. 2013, "Sharing and Human-Computer Interaction", in 27th International British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Conference: The Internet of things, 11th-13th September, Brunel University, UK..

Harvey, J.; Smith, A.; Golightly, D. 2013, "Researching gift economies online, offline, and in-between", in 4th Digital Economy Conference: Open Digital, 4th-6th September, MediaCityUK, Salford.

Harvey, J; Golightly, D,; Rahemtulla, H. 2011, "The role of Intermediaries in designing effective Participatory GIS: a Usability Investigation in partnership with Mapping for Change.", in AGI GeoCommunity.

Harvey, J; Golightly, D. 2011, "Engagement with participatory GIS - the role of Intermediaries", in Digital Engagement, Digital Economy All-Hands Conference, Newcastle, UK.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Lucas, B.; Francu, R.E.; Goulding, J.; Harvey, J.; Nica-Avram, G.; Perrat, B. (2021), "A Note on Data-driven Actor-differentiation and SDGs 2 and 12: Insights from a Food-sharing App", Research Policy, Vol.50, 1042662.

Smith, M., Harvey, J. (2021), "Social Eating Initiatives and the Practices of Commensality", Appettite.

Harvey, J., Poorrezaei, M., Nica-Avram, G., Smith, G., Ajiboye, T., Kholodova, K., Zhu, K. (2020), "The Smart Home: How Consumers Craft New Service Networks by Combining Heterogeneous Smart Domestic Products", Journal of Service Research, forthcoming 2020.

Harvey, J.; Smith, A; Golightly, D.; Goulding, J.; Gallage, H.P.S. (2020), "Prosocial Exchange Systems: Nonreciprocal giving, lending, and skill-sharing", Computers in Human Behavior, Vol.107, 106268.

Nica-Avram, G.; Goulding, J.; Harvey, J. (2020), "FIMS: Identifying, predicting and visualising food insecurity", World Wide Web: Internet and Web Information Systems, 190-193.

Nica-Avram, G; Harvey, J.; Smith, G.; Smith, A.; Goulding, J. (2020), "Identifying Food Insecurity in Food Sharing Networks via Machine Learning", Journal of Business Research.

Smith, Andrew; Harvey, John; Goulding, James; Smith, Gavin; Sparks, Leigh, (2020), "Exogenous cognition and cognitive state theory: the plexus of consumer analytics and decision-making", Marketing Theory, 1.47059312096495E+15.

Ajiboye, T; Harvey, J; Resnick, S. (2019), "Customer engagement behaviour on social media platforms: A systematic literature review.", Journal of Customer Behaviour, Vol.18 (3), pp. 239-256.

Harvey, J. Branco-Illodo, I. (2019), "Why Cryptocurrencies Want Privacy: A Review of Political Motivations and Branding Expressed in \"Privacy Coin\" Whitepapers", Journal of Political Marketing.

Harvey, J., Smith, A., Goulding, J., Branco-Illodo, I. (2019), "Food Sharing, Redistribution, and Waste Reduction via Mobile Applications: A Social Network Analysis", Industrial Marketing Management.

Pich, C.; Harvey, J.; Armannsdottir, G.; Poorrezaei, M. Branco-Illodo, I.; Kincaid, A. (2018), "Marketing Brexit: An exploratory study of young voter engagement in relation to the EU referendum", International Journal of Market Research, Vol.60, 589-610.

Harvey, J; Smith, A; Golightly, D. (2017), "Critical realism and economic anthropology", Journal of Critical Realism, Vol.16 (5), pp.431-450.

Woodall, T.; Rosborough, J; Harvey J. (2017), "Proposal, project, practice, Pause: Developing a framework for evaluating smart domestic product engagement", Academy of Marketing Science Review, forthcoming 2017.

Harvey, J.; Smith, A.; Golightly, D. (2014), "Giving and sharing in the computer-mediated economy", Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Vol.16 4, pp. 363-371.

Chapters in Books

Harvey, J,; Smith. A. (2018), "Technology as a driver of the sharing economony", in The Sharing Economy: Possibilities, challenges, and the way forward, forthcoming 2018.


Goulding, J.; Harvey, J.; Smith, A. 2019, "An exploratory network analysis of balance, reciprocity, and assortativity in a P2P food sharing network", in NETSCIX.

Smith, A; Harvey, J; Goulding J, Smith G, 2019, "Consumer analytics, exogenous cognition and the disciplinary nexus.", in 8th M-Sphere Conference for Multidisciplinarity in Business and Science, Dubrovnik Croatia, October 2019.

Pich, C,; Harvey, J; Armannsdottir, G,; Kincaid, A. 2017, "Marketing Brexit: Young Voter Opinion, Engagement and Future Intention in the Context of the EU Referendum", in Academy of Marketing Science World Congress Conference , July, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Harvey, J. 2016, "Measuring more than the market: Are multiplex networks the key to understanding informal economies?", in SIMBIG - Big Data Conference, Cusco, Peru.

Harvey, J; Golightly, D; Smith, A. 2016, "What must the world be like for economics to be possible?", in Philosophy, Ergonomics and Applications to Complex Human Systems Symposium, Nottingham University, Nottingham.

Harvey, J, 2015, "Morphogenetic institutions", in 18th annual conference of the International Association of Critical Realism, University of Notre Dame, Indiana.

Harvey, J. 2015, "The emergence of economic institutions", in Ephemera Journal Conference, Moscow.

Harvey, J.; Golightly, D.; Smith, A. 2014, "Autotelic economics and reflexivity: the case of Streetbank.com", in 17th annual conference of the International Association of Critical Realism, London, UK.

Harvey, J; Golightly, D,; Smith. A. 2014, "HCI as a means to prosociality in the economy", in CHI 14: Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Toronto, Canada.



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