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Dr Paraskevas Vezyridis

BSc (Athen Univeristy of Applied Sciences), MSc (City. University of London), BSc (Hons) (Kings College London), Phd (The University of Nottingham), Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (University of Nottingham)
Assistant Professor in HRM/OB

Division: Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management
Centre/Institute: Centre for Health Innovation, Leadership and Learning
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8466082
Location: C35 (North Building, Jubilee Campus)

Paraskevas Vezyridis is an Assistant Professor at Nottingham University Business School. He received his PhD from The University of Nottingham in 2011 and has recently completed a Marie Skodowska-Curie Fellowship on the social, technical and ethical challenges of national programmes in big data in healthcare.

His research focuses on science and technology studies of big data from electronic health records in the context of national health systems.

Paraskevas is also interested in data ethics, health informatics and scientometrics.

He has been awarded a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant Award by the Staff and Educational Development Unit of The University of Nottingham and has experience teaching at a variety of levels.

You can follow him on Twitter: @paravezy.

Areas of Expertise
Science and technology studies; critical data studies; organisation studies; health informatics; computer-aided qualitative data analysis; culture, ethics and deontology in healthcare; scientometrics

Administrative Roles
Head of PGT Examinations & Appeals


Older Publications

Older Publications

Journal Articles

Genakritis, J.; Vezyridis, P.; Samoutis, A. (2013), "Interventions for childhood obesity control in cyprus: an Analysis and evaluation of programmes and protocols", International Journal of Caring Sciences, Vol.6 (2), pp. 146-169.

Chalari, E.; Intas, G.; Stergiannis, P.; Vezyridis, P.; Fildissis, G. (2012), "The importance of vital signs in the Triage of Injured Patients", Critical Care Nursing Quarterly, Vol.35 (3), pp. 292-298.

Intas, G.; Kalogianni, A.; Stergiannis, P.; Bratakos, M.; Dimoula, I.; Kelesi, M.; Vezyridis, P.; Charalampidis, V.; Marvaki, C. (2012), "Development and validation of a diabetes self-care activities questionnaire", Journal of Diabetes Nursing, Vol.3, 100-110.

Vezyridis, P.; Timmons, S.; Wharrad, H. (2012), "Implementation of an Emergency Department Information System (EDIS): a qualitative study of nurses' attitudes and experience.", Computers, Informatics, Nursing, Vol.30 (10), pp. 540-546.

Vezyridis, P.; Timmons, S.; Wharrad, H. (2011), "Going paperless in the Emergency Department: a socio-technical study of an information system for patient tracking.", International Journal of Medical Informatics, Vol.80 (7), pp. 455-465, shortlisted for the Diana Forsythe Award of the American Medical Informatics Association..

Vezyridis, P. (2008), "Men in 'female' occupations. The role of gender in choosing and praticing nursing", Nosileftiki (Hellenic Journal of Nursing), Vol.47 (2), pp. 193-201.

Vezyridis, P. (2004), "Psychological reactions of the population in major disasters", Nosileftiki (Hellenic Journal of Nursing), Vol.43 (2), pp. 173-178.

Chapters in Books

Timmons, S.; Wharrad, H.; Vezyridis, P.; Randle, J.; Lymn, J.; Bath-hextall, F. (2010), "Building and sustaining collaboration in e-learning development", in Bromage, A.; Clouder, L.; Gordon, F. (ed) Interprofessional e-learning and collaborative work: Practices and Technologies, pp. 166-175, Hershey, Pa: IGI Global.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Vezyridis, P.; Timmons, S. (2020), "E-Infrastructures and the divergent assetisation of public health data: expectations, asymmetries and uncertainties", Social Studies of Science, forthcoming 2020.

Timmons, S.; Vezyridis, P. ; Sahota, O. (2019), "Trialling technologies to reduce hospital in-patient falls: an agential realist analysis", Sociology of Health and Illness, Vol.41(6), 1104-1119.

Vezyridis, P.; Timmons, S. (2019), "Resisting big data exploitations in public healthcare: free riding or distributive justice?", Sociology of Health and Illness, Vol.41(8), 1585-1599.

Timmons, S. Vezyridis, P. (2017), "Market-driven production of biospecimens and the role of NHS hospital-led biobanks", Sociology of Health and Illness, Vol.39(7), 1242-1257.

Vezyridis, P. and Timmons, S. (2017), "Understanding the conundrum: New information flows for economic growth", Big Data and Society, Vol.4(1), 1-12.

Vezyridis, P.; Timmons, S. (2016), "Evolution of primary care databases in UK: a scientometric analysis of research output", BMJ Open, Vol.6(10), e012785.

Vezyridis, P.; Timmons. S. (2016), "Dissenting from an analysis of opt-out forms", Journal of Medical Ethics, Vol.42, 792-796.

Vezyridis, P.; Samoutis, A.; Mavrikiou, P. (2015), "Workplace Violence in Cypriot Emergency Departments: a national questionnaire survey", Journal of Clinical Nursing, Vol.24 (9-10), pp. 1210-1222.

Vezyridis, P.; Timmons, S. (2015), "On the Adoption of Personal Health Records: some problematic issues for patient empowerment", Ethics and Information Technology, Vol.17 (2), pp. 113-124.

Timmons, S.; Coffey, F.; Vezyridis, P. (2014), "Implementing lean methods in the Emergency department: the role of professions and professional status", Journal of Health Organization and Management, Vol.28 (2), pp. 214-228.

Vezyridis, P.; Timmons, S. (2014), "National targets, process transformation and local consequences in an NHS emergency department (ED): a qualitative study", BMC Emergency Medicine.

Vezyridis, P.; Timmons, S. (2014), "Implementing an Emergency Department Information System (EDIS): an Actor-Network Theory case study", International Journal of Actor Network Theory and Technological Innovation, Vol.6 (1), pp. 17-30.

Chapters in Books

Vezyridis, P.; Timmons, S.; Wharrad, H. (2015), "Lessons Learned from the Implementation of an Emergency Department Information System", in Iyamu, T.; Tatnall A (ed) Maximizing Healthcare Delivery and Management through Technology Integration,, Hershey, Pa: IGI Global.



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