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Digital professional skills

Enhance your learning and develop your digital skills alongside your programme of study to equip you for the world of work and enhance your career prospects. 

Nottingham University Business School is working with some of the world’s leading business software providers - SAP and Microsoft - enabling you to become cloud and data ready in an increasingly digital world.

Digital 4.0 is changing the way companies work. Data is now the new currency and businesses are becoming intelligent enterprises using technology and data to generate a deeper understanding of customers and the way their own businesses operate.  

Increasingly, graduates are required to be cloud and data-ready for the workplace. Today’s digital platforms are typically cloud-based and are becoming more accessible to the business graduate. Businesses use these systems daily and we will support you so that you will have the digital skills necessary to pursue your chosen career in an increasingly competitive employment market.

We are helping our students become more cloud and data ready by:

  • integrating market-leading digital systems into many of our courses so that you will become familiar with the types of systems you are likely to use in the workplace
  • offering the opportunity for you to take industry-recognised qualifications alongside your degree programme, to enhance your digital capability, differentiate your CV and help you stand out to future employers

66% of employers want to see graduates achieve professional qualifications as well as their main degree

(CMI 21st Century leaders report, 2018)



Our partners

We are working with some of the largest global digital companies, including Microsoft and SAP. The scale and coverage of their technology is extensive.

The Microsoft Azure digital platform is now used by 85% of Fortune 500 companies and is growing at around 120,000 customers per day.

In contrast, SAP is the world’s largest provider of enterprise application software. 77% of the world’s transaction revenue will touch SAP systems, which are now used by 98 of the world’s top 100 most valuable brands. 

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Qualifications and courses

Professional qualifications are offered on an elective basis, and are accessible online so you can complete them alongside your degree.

The team at Nottingham University Business School will support you through the process for the more popular certifications and also offer access to some of the more specialist courses on an unsupported basis.




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Microsoft certifications

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SAP certifications




This new digital initiative is a big step forward, it will improve students' digital skill sets, add value to their future employers and help them to command a higher salary in the marketplace – these are all great reasons to study at Nottingham University Business School.

Dr Andrew Callaghan, Professor of Strategy and Digital Transformation



Further information

For more infomation on both the SAP learning hub and Microsoft certifications, please visit their websites.




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