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Peter James Carter

MBA, BSc (Hons)


Current Status: Completed
Year of Registration: 2014
Expected Completion Date: /09/2020

Primary Funding Source:
Self funded

Research Topic:
The significance of temporary agency work to the UK food manufacturing industry a 'view from below'

Research Details:
This topic is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, temporary agency work of the type provided by UK food factories has grown significantly over a relatively short period of time, and this growth has been fuelled by the need for increasingly flexible employment arrangements. Secondly, the enlargement of the EU has resulted in a significant increase in migrant labour, many of whom fulfil roles at the lower end of the UK labour market such as packing duties in food factories. Thirdly, migrant labour, flexibility and temporary agency workers have been associated with precarious jobs, and this topic will be discussed in the context of the UK food industry. Finally, this PhD can make a timely and practical contribution concerning the pivotal role that workplace management can make towards creating an effective 'blended workforce' consisting of both temporary and permanent workers.

Research Supervisor/s: Marek Korczynski and Laurie Cohen

Department: Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

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