The Global Centre for Banking and Financial Innovation

Objectives and Principles

The Global Centre for Banking and Financial Innovation strategic objectives are to:

1. further strengthen the position of the Centre as a global think-tank in the area of banking and financial services by:

  • raising the profile of GCBFI
  • enhancing the development of partnerships with leading corporations and institutions
  • advancing knowledge in the related research areas of banking and financial services
  • improving the research potential and capacity of GCBFI to carry out, support and manage overall research activities.

2. become the centre of excellence in financial innovation by:

  • attracting international talent in fintech in financial services to become a leading global hub for basic and applied research
  • promoting teaching in undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programmes in fintech
  • providing insight and commentary focused on financial services consumers and institutions.

3. encourage interdisciplinary research activities by:

  • conducting and facilitating research with interdisciplinary researchers and centres
  • increasing research activities that address broader socio-economic problems
  • participating in long-term research projects.

4. promote the sustainability of GCBFI and encourage its future growth by:

  • attracting high calibre international academics who seek to be involved on a full or partial basis in world-leading research
  • promoting staff research mobility
  • preparing a new generation of academics through PhD programmes and international PhD exchange programmes
  • being involved in research grants, consultancy activities and potential executive courses
  • promoting and disseminating research outputs and activities in the media


The GCBFI activities are performed under the following principles:

  • An engagement in developing and transferring new innovative methods from basic research into applied research.
  • The research integrity and ethics that guarantee the highest standard of protocols imposed on all research activities.
  • The identification of common themes and research synergies in order to fully maximize research capacity in terms of skills, financial resources and dedication
  • Openness to extensive international inclusiveness and collaboration.
  • The openness and the integration of different research views and opinions to deliver the research outcomes.

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