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Junyi Xiao

Junyi Xiao is the founder of W&W Trading and Consulting Ltd, an international trading company based at the Ingenuity Lab. She joined the Lab after finishing her Master’s in International Business in 2017, inspired by her experiences on a summer internship at a trading company in Mauritius.  

After nearly four years, Junyi has seen her business grow from an initial idea to an international venture, employing five staff and boasting clients in the UK and China. 

Junyi explained: “As an Entrepreneur engaged in the international trade industry, my goal is far beyond self-development or making money. I am committed to the acceleration of international trade, through providing various combinations of services to help our clients set up cross-border trading channels and confidently expand their strategy.”

 “The company’s name ‘W&W’ stands for ‘Win-Win’,” she added. “Specifically, we commit ourselves to set up the trade bridge between China and the western market, so that both sides can benefit and achieve a win-win result.”

Junyi credits the Ingenuity Lab as being instrumental in the growth of her business, benefitting from the community of likeminded entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off, to the practical support from the Lab in the form of advice, endorsements and funding through our accelerator programme, Scale.



“The Lab is like magic for me. The people are so friendly - we have regular events every week and we all sit together to discuss our businesses. At the start of setting up my business I got a lot of inspiration from other members.”

Junyi Xiao
W&W Trading and Consulting Ltd

 Through connections with the Ingenuity Lab and Nottingham University Business School, Junyi has been able to take on student interns, and in 2021 she was selected as an Ingenuity Lab Ambassador.

“I’m excited to have been selected as one of the new Ingenuity Lab Ambassadors. Through this opportunity, we are looking forward to inspiring and mentoring the next generation of Venture members at the Lab and help to kick-start some amazing new business ideas,” said Junyi.

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