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Ingenuity Lab

For enquiries relating to the Ingenuity Lab, please email the Ingenuity Lab team

Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

For enquiries about The Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, please email business-enquiries@nottingham.ac.uk

Our people


David Achtzehn profile

Dr David Achtzehn  Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Co-Director of MSc Entrepreneurship Programmes

Rachel Bedrock sq

Rachel Bedrock Administrative Assistant, Ingenuity Lab                                                                                                                          

Punita Bhatt

Dr Punita Bhatt      Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation                                                                                 

Josef Bone

Josef Bone                    Marketing and Digital Officer, HGI and Ingenuity Programme                                                                                               



Craig Butterworth

Craig Butterworth                Senior Administrator Ingenuity Programme                                                                                                            

Rob Carroll

Professor Rob Carroll        Professor of Practice          Venture Capital & Private Equity                                                                                          

Chris Carter

Dr Christopher Carter    Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Co-Director of MSc Entrepreneurship Programmes

Tom Coogan

Dr Tom Coogan

Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation                                                                                                                    



Claire Donaldson

Claire Donaldson
Ingenuity Learning Support Development Officer

David Falzani

Professor David Falzani  Professor of Practice Sustainable Wealth Creation

Jose Francisco Gonzalez

José Francisco Gonzalez

Ingenuity Learning Support Development Officer              

Tracey Hassall Jones

Tracey Hassall-Jones          Manager, Young Entrepreneurs Scheme



Dr Terri Holloway

Dr Terri Holloway
Manager, Ingenuity Lab                                                

Rachael Lamb

Dr Rachael Lamb    Assistant Professor  Entrepreneurship & Innovation                   

sue-marlow portrait

Professor Susan Marlow
Research Director, Professor of Entrepreneurship

Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller, MCIM          Marketing Manager, HGI & Nottingham University Business School  



Simon Mosey

Professor Simon Mosey  Director, HGI, Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation                                              

Dr Hannah Noke

Dr Hannah Noke        Deputy Director, HGI, Associate Professor of Entpreneurship & Innovation - (Currently on sabbatical)                         

Isobel ONeil

Dr Isobel O'Neil   
Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation      

David Park

Professor David Park  Professor of Practice Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Associate Dean (External Engagement)                       



Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith
Programme Manager, Ingenuity Programme                                                   

Lorna Treanor

Dr Lorna Treanor
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation                    

Janet Wallace

Janet Wallace        Manager, Witty Entrepreneurial Scholarships                        

Robert Wapshott

Dr Robert Wapshott
Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Associate Dean (Ranking and Reputation) 



Bin Wu

Dr Bin Wu                    Senior Research Fellow                                                                        




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