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Rob Avery-Phipps

Rob Avery-Phipps graduated from the University’s Ningbo Campus in 2012 with a Masters in International Relations. Inspired by his experiences in China, he decided to create the China Britain Regional Initiative (CBRI) upon his return to the UK. 

CBRI works directly with local authorities in China and the UK, enabling meaningful and long-term programmes that generate economic, educational and cultural connections.  

The Midlands has some of the UK’s strongest regional connections into China, and CBRI helped set up the Midlands Engine China Group. They have also coordinated a high-level mission to key regions in China, and supported with the ME Internationalisation Strategy.  

This work was recognised by UK and Chinese central governments as the Midlands was awarded the honour of hosting the UK-China Regional Leaders Summit in 2020.  

CBRI was also comissioned by Lincolnshire County Council to develop a twinning relationship with China's Hunan Province, with the two officially becoming twinned regions in 2018.



The Ingenuity Lab is a brilliant network of diverse people and ideas who are united by the belief that we can make positive changes happen. The Lab has been instrumental in helping my business develop, grow, survive and adapt.

Rob Avery-Phipps
China-Britain Regional Initiative


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