Cancer Research Nottingham

Cancer Immunology

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Prof David Bates Chemokines; immunoscope; metastasis
Dr Caroline Chapman B-cell immune response in cancer; tumour associated antigens; early detection; immune biomarkers
Prof Lindy Durrant                              Engineering Antibodies for Cancer Therapy; NUTAC (Nottingham University Therapeutic Antibody Centre); Cancer Vaccine Design  
Dr Andrew Jackson Influence of tumour microenvironment on dendritic cells and macrophage; intracellular signalling pathways of APC and polarisation of T-cell responses; immunoregulatory role of ER-stress responses; cancer vaccines 
Dr Srinivasan Madhusudan
DNA repair; base excision repair; APE1 inhibitors; stratified medicine; cancer
Prof Poulam Patel Kidney cancer; malignant melanoma; clinical trials in cancer; cancer vaccines; dendritic cell biology; host tumour interactions
Dr Judith Ramage Molecular mechanisms of cancer vaccine targeting 
Prof Herb Sewell Translational cancer studies; tumour associated antigens   
Dr Ian Spendlove

Alternate co-stimulation in differentiation of regulatory T cells; Antibody generation (NUTAC)  

Prof Uwe Vinkemeier Interferons in immunity; STAT proteins and cancer immunoediting; molecular basis of inflammation