Cancer Research Nottingham

Drug Discovery / Translational Therapeutics 

Follow the links below for more information on our cancer research activities related to:

  • drug discovery
  • chemical biology
  • anti-cancer agents
  • medicinal chemistry
  • structural biology
  • translational therapeutics  


Prof David Bates Anti-angiogenics
Dr Tracey Bradshaw Cancer therapeutics; chemoprevention; toxicology  
Chemical tools to interrogate cancer biology; cyclic peptide-based anti-cancer agents
Annexins; anti-tumour agents; POT1 kinase; telomerase inhibitors   
Protein structure; x-ray crystallography  
Protein structure; x-ray crystallography  
Drug discovery oncology targets
Structure-based drug design; telomere structure and targeting  
Dr Srinivasan  
DNA repair; base excision repair; APE1 inhibitors; stratified medicine;
cancer biomarkers  
Prognostic and predictive biomarkers; lymphatic biology and metastasis; radiation biology/radiotherapy; calpains and calpastatin
Chemotherapy of cancer; molecular targeted agents; inhibitors of Hsp90; IDO; bioreductively activated agents; G-quadruplex ligands
Dr John Moses Chemical biology; click chemistry; drug discovery
Protein structure using NMR  
Dr Abdolrahman Shams-Nateri Cancer genetics and stem cell; transcription, signalling and diseases; transgenic mouse model
Chemical synthesis; drug discovery in oncology