Cancer Research Nottingham

Cancer Epidemiology

The links below provide further information on each researcher and their work.

Dr David Baldwin Clinical lung cancer; epidemiology; diagnosis
Prof John Britton Tobacco control studies; lung cancer; gastrointestinal cancer; bladder cancer  
Dr Tim Card The pharmaco-epidemiology of cancer and in particular GI cancers; the effect of chronic GI disease on cancer risk
Dr Kate Fleming Gastrointestinal Epidemiology / Database Epidemiology
Dr Matthew Grainge Epidemiology; thrombosis in cancer; gastrointestinal cancer; chemoprevention; adverse effects of cancer treatment 
Prof Richard Hubbard Aetiology and health care; lung cancer; national lung audit  
Dr David Humes Linked GPRD and HES data to study the epidemiology of diverticular bleeding and femoral hernia.
Dr Jo Leodardi-Bee

e-learning; reusable learning objects; systemic reviews; meta-analysis; smoking; tobacco control; dermatology

Dr Emma O'Dowd Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Helen Powell Clinical Research Fellow
Dr Anna Rich Epidemiology
Prof Richard Logan Bowel Cancer Screening
Dr Tricia McKeever

Medical statistics; meta-analysis; epidemiology

Dr Laila Tata Lung cancer (national audit)
Dr Joe West

Epidemiology; coeliac disease; liver disease; use of routinely available electronic health data