Cancer Research Nottingham

Cancer Cell Biology and Genetics 

Follow the links below for more information of our cancer research activities in the biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, genetics and epigenetics, cancer stem cells and models organisms.  



Dr Cinzia Allegrucci
Cancer epigenetics; cancer stem cells; cancer reprogramming 
Dr Kenton Arkill Endothelial and vascular biology
Prof Dave Barrett Metabolomics; cancer biomarkers     
Prof David Bates Growth factors; alternative splicing; chemokines
Dr Andrew Benest Endothelial cell biology
Dr Daniel Booth Cancer cell biology
Dr Nicole Clarke Tumour suppressor IRF1 function; IRF target genes  
Dr Beth Coyle Drug resistance mechanisms in tumours; apoptosis; metastasis; cancer stem cells; pre-clinical models; ependymomas; primitive neuroectodermal tumours; gliomas
Dr Cornelia de Moor Post-transcriptional regulation of oncogene and tumour suppresor mRNAs; cytokine and growth factor mediated induction of gene expression; polyadenylation as a target in cancer therapy; cordycepin as anti-cancer agent  
Dr Lodewijk Dekker Annexins; anti-tumour agents; POT1 kinase; telomerase inhibitors   
Dr Marios Georgiou Tumour progression; Tumour invasion; drosophila models  
Dr Anna Grabowska Pre-clinical cancer modelling/imaging; target validation; tumour microenvironment
Prof David Heery
Histone acetyltransferases; chromatin modification; nuclear receptors; BCL11A;
Dr Alistair Hume Organelle transport in the cell 
Dr Victoria James Extracellular vesicles, non-coding RNAs, epigenetics and cancer metastasis
Dr Sheela Jayaraman Gene regulation in vascular biology
Dr Jennie Jeyapalan Prostate cancer, epigenetics
Dr Catherine Jopling MicroRNA regulation, complex disease, therapeutics
Dr Ian Kerr ABC transporters; multidrug resistance in tumours  
Dr Rajendra Kumari Pre-clinical cancer modelling; bioimaging; tumour microenvironment; targeted therapies
Dr Srinivasan Madhusudan DNA repair; base excision repair; APE1 inhibitors; stratified medicine; cancer clinical trials  
Dr Stewart Martin Prognostic and predictive biomarkers; lymphatic biology and metastasis;  radiation biology/radiotherapy; calpains and calpastatin
Dr Alan McIntyre Molecular and cell biology of the hypoxic tumour microenvironment; tumour metabolism; pH regulation; antiangiogenic therapy
Dr Nigel Mongan Androgen receptor; Estrogen receptor; REX1/ZFP42; cancer stem cells; prostate cancer  
Dr Anna Piccinini Regulation of gene expression by the extracellular matrix; microRNA; tumour microenvironment
Dr Keith Spriggs RNA helicase eIF4a; Pdcd4; regulation of mRNA translation
Dr Abdolrahman Shams Nateri Cancer genetics and stem cell; transcription, signalling and diseases; transgenic mouse models 
Prof Peter Shaw Molecular signalling and gene transcription in cancer; STAT and ETS transcription factors
Dr Alex Thompson Translational Stem Cell Technology
Prof Uwe Vinkemeier Interferons in immunity; STAT proteins and cancer immunoediting; molecular basis of inflammation  
Dr Sebastiaan Winkler Post-transcriptional gene regulation; deadenylase enzymes; deadenylase inhibitors; Ccr4-Not; BTG/Tob proteins; leukaemia and lymphoma; breast cancer