Cancer Research Nottingham

Preclinical Oncology/Bio-Imaging

Follow the links below for more information on our research activities in preclinical models and tumour imaging.     

  • Division of Pre-Clinical Oncology


Prof David Bates Growth factors; chemokines; immunoscope; metastasis; alternative splicing; anti-angiogenics; resistance; biomarkers; lymphatic metastasis, Uveal melanoma
Prof Dorothee Auer Imaging biomarkers; clinical neurosciences   
Dr Beth Coyle Drug resistance mechanisms in tumours; apoptosis; metastasis; cancer stem cells; pre-clinical models; ependymomas; primitive neuroectodermal tumours; gliomas
Dr Anna Grabowska Pre-clinical cancer modelling/imaging; target validation; tumour microenvironment  
Dr Rajendra Kumari Pre-clinical cancer modelling; bioimaging; tumour microenvironment; targeted therapies
Dr Alan McIntyre Molecular and cell biology of the hypoxic tumour microenvironment
Prof Alan Perkins Drug delivery - imaging; medical physics; nuclear medicine; radiation protection; radiation safety  
Dr Abdolrahman Shams-Nateri Cancer genetics and stem cell; transcription, signalling and diseases; transgenic mouse model
Prof Neil Thomas Chemical synthesis; drug discovery in oncology