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Common conditions

Guinea pigs

The aim of this first output from the questionnaire was to determine the types of common conditions or complaints seen by veterinarians across species in the UK. A secondary aim was to look at how much information veterinarians perceive exists on species-specific topics. The results of this study will be used to assist in prioritising topics for practice-relevant research.

Key findings:

• The conditions nominated as being common varied according to species.
• Skin conditions in small animals, reproductive conditions in production animals and musculoskeletal conditions in equines were most frequently mentioned.
• Veterinary clinicians perceived there to be a lower level of information available in the literature for rabbits and guinea pigs, and a higher level of information for dogs, cattle and equines.

An open-access paper describing this research has now been published:

TD Nielsen, RS Dean, NJ Robinson, A Massey, ML Brennan.
Survey of the UK veterinary profession: common species and conditions nominated by veterinarians in practice.
Veterinary Record 2014;174:324   doi:10.1136/vr.1017452014.

Contacts: Marnie Brennan, Torben Nielsen, Rachel Dean, Natalie Robinson

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