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Outreach and Widening Participation events

  • On Monday 5 November 2018,  Widening Partipation and Outreach Manager, Tara Webster-Deakin, delivered a talk to GCSE and A level languages students at Lincoln Minster school with the superb input of Bradley Ewles (Year 2) and Alice Lockheart (Year4). Both students prepared and delivered thoughtful and stimulating presentations about why they study languages and the year abroad. Alice and Brad were delighted that we were then invited to stay for lunch and chat to the languages staff. 
  • On Tuesday 6 November 2018  we ran our annual American Studies Discovery Day which was attended by 60 primary school children from two local schools. This event consisted of two interactive one hour sessions; one on the Civil Rights movement (devised and delivered by Harriet Turner, Lucy Fry and Kiera Holmes, all year 2 students) and one on US geography and history (devised and delivered by Sophie Campbell, Emily Brady and Kelly Beestone, all Postgraduate students). Both sessions were carefully considered and crafted and confidently and creatively delivered.  
  • On Wednesday 7 November 2018, we welcomed a small group of A level students for a Languages taster session. They experienced a Translation seminar with Alex Mevel, a Portuguese language taster with Noemi Cedillo and a Russian language taster with Monika Savage as well as a campus tour led by Seely Knighton (Year 2). The event finished with a year abroad presentation by Naomi Williams and Alice Lockheart (Year 4). All three students were excellent ambassadors for their courses and for the school. Huge thanks to the staff who took on extra work to prepare and deliver sessions at this event.


Posted on Tuesday 13th November 2018

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