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Andrew Goffey

Associate Professor in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Arts


Expertise Summary

My research is interdisciplinary, even transdisciplinary in nature. I work on the grey areas between media, philosophy, science and technology studies and politics. My interests include: the role of digital technologies, and more specifically, software, in shaping contemporary culture; changing forms of media and cultural practice; methods and forms of cultural analysis, micropolitics, untranslateability, and the philosophy of technology. I am particularly interested in exploring the experimental use of theory and do work as a translator too (primarily of philosophical texts, from French to English). I have a broad expertise in contemporary French philosophy and specific expertise in the work of Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, Isabelle Stengers and related appropriations of pragmatism. I've supervised PhD research on comics and cultural theory, urban culture and the work of David Simon, Deleuze and information technology, artificial intelligence and the semiotics of CS Peirce. I'm currently supervising PhD research on gender and comics, psychoanalysis and the challenge of autism, geographical information systems, and the aesthetics of anonymity.

Research Summary

I am currently engaged in a number of research and publications projects. One of these deals with the micropolitics of contemporary software culture - exploring the complex relations between… read more

Current Research

I am currently engaged in a number of research and publications projects. One of these deals with the micropolitics of contemporary software culture - exploring the complex relations between programming practices and technologies and facets of contemporary society. I am working on a monograph dealing with the work of Félix Guattari, and have several collaborative projects that explore the role of digital technology and associated practices on other areas of social and cultural life. These include a project looking at the 'information revolution' in the NHS, a project looking at the globalisation of the mundane aesthetics of the creative and cultural industries, and an ESRC-funded project on the digital commons. With Roland Faber (Claremont College, LA), I recently completed editiing The Allure of Things, a collection of essays on process and object-oriented approaches to philosophy, including work by Isabelle Stengers and by Graham Harman, amongst others, translating some previously unpublished work by Félix Guattari, and writing essays on digital 'fun' and grey media in the NHS.

Past Research

I have completed a number of research and publication projects recently. These include the edited collection The Guattari Effect (with Éric Alliez), drawing together contemporary writings on the work of Félix Guattari, Evil Media, a book co-authored with Matthew Fuller that explores the changing nature of media power, through a focus on the grey media technologies, techniques and practices of everyday life, and a number of translations, including Félix Guattari Schizonalytic Cartographies, Isabelle Stengers and Philippe Pignarre Capitalist Sorcery, David Lapoujade Powers of Time and Jean-Claude Polack Intimate Utopia.

Future Research

Along with ongoing research into digital media and the production of subjectivity, I am planning several projects for the future. One is a collaborative essay-project on Descartes, and another is an examination of the ethics of non-communication. I am also extending my work on Guattari by looking at the social, political and communicational contexts of the emergence of his work. I will also be editing a forthcoming issue of the journal New Formations that addresses the concept of the 'control society' explored by Gilles Deleuze.

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