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The University's first female Esquire Bedell

Gabriele Neher is wearing the Esquire Bedell robe and hat which are both black with a olive green sash draped over both shoulders. She is also holding a gilded mace.

Last Tuesday (10th May 2022) saw a historic first for the university as our colleague Dr Gaby Neher became the first woman Esquire Bedell in the University’s history! The role is traditionally reserved for male staff. The Esquire Bedell forms part of the academic procession for graduations and is easily recognised as the officer who carries the university’s mace to the stage and back.

While Gaby was not the first female Esquire Bedell in the country (that honour falls to Dr Nicola Hardy of the University of Cambridge) Gaby became the first woman to hold the role in the university’s 141-year history. Congratulations to Gaby for taking on such an esteemed role during the graduation ceremony!

Watch the video on the process here.

Posted on Friday 20th May 2022

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