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Hongwei Bao

Assistant Professor in Media Studies, Faculty of Arts



I joined the Department of Culture, Media and Visual Studies (formerly Department of Culture, Film and Media), the University of Nottingham, in 2013. Prior to this, I worked as lecturer in Asian Media at Nottingham Trent University (2012-13), lecturer in Cultural Studies at the University of Potsdam (2011, part-time), lecturer in Asian Studies at the University of Sydney (2006-10, part-time) and lecturer in International and Intercultural Communication at the National Academy of Chinese Theatrical Arts, Beijing (2002-06). I was DAAD Fellow at the Free University of Berlin from 2010 to 2011, and British Academy Visiting Fellow at Goldsmiths College,University of London, from 2011 to 2012. I hold a PhD in Gender Studies and Cultural Studies from the University of Sydney, Australia.

I am currently co-director of the Centre for Contemporary East Asian Cultural Studies (CEACS). I am a member of the Centre for Critical Theory (CCT), Institute for Screen Industry Research (ISIR) and Asia Research Institute at Nottingham.

I hold a PGCHE (Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education) and am Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK.

I have organised the Nottingham Chinese Independent Film Festival (in collaboration with the Broadway Cinema Nottingham) and various other film screening events and research workshops. I have also organised events for the University of Nottingham's LGBT History Month.

Expertise Summary

I am interested in mediated cultural politics in a transnational Chinese context, including but not limited to: gay identity and queer politics, social media and community media, and film and filmmaking. I am primarily concerned about how media relate to issues of gender, sexuality and identity, and how they participate in community building, empowerment of minority groups, and grassroots social movements. I also consider how media and contemporary culture respond to a postsocialist world dominated by neoliberal values and ideologies, and how ideological contestations are manifested in mediated forms.

Teaching Summary

I teach on the following undergraduate modules in 2018-19:

Communication and Culture (semester 1, first year core module)

Media Identities (semester 2, second year module)

Gender, Sexuality and Media (semester 2, third year module)

I also co-teach the following MA module:

Critical and Cultural Theory Today (semester 1, MA in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies)

Research Summary

My research brings queer theory, Marxism and China into critical dialogue with each other. By looking at queer media production, queer filmmaking, and LGBT social organisations in contemporary China,… read more

Selected Publications

Current Research

My research brings queer theory, Marxism and China into critical dialogue with each other. By looking at queer media production, queer filmmaking, and LGBT social organisations in contemporary China, I theorise how sexual identities emerge in a neoliberal and postsocialist context and how a radical queer public culture can be made.

I have co-edited a book on queer media and culture in China: Queer/Tongzhi China: New Perspectives on Research, Activism and Media Cultures

My monograph, titled Queer Comrades: Gay Identity and Queer Politics in Postsocialist China, has recently been published by the NIAS Press in 2018:

Interviews about the book can be accessed via the following links:

Scholarly reviews of the book can be found through the following links:

I am currently working on the following research projects:

(1) The Queer Generation: Queer Filmmaking in the People's Republic of China, which examines major Chinese queer filmmakers and their works;

(2) Queer Community Media in China, which looks at community based media, including zines, websites, webcasts and dating apps in the PRC;

(3) Traveling Theory: Translating Queer Theory in China, which traces the intellectual history, or a 'genealogy', of how queer theory has been introduced and used in the PRC context.


The PhD projects that I am currently supervising include:

Feng Xiaogang's New Year Celebration Films (hesuipian);

The Nostalgic Mode of Expression in Chinese Film, Television and Internet Drama Since the 2000s;

Queer film festivals in Shanghai;

The Kong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in the 'International Film Festival Circuit';

Feminist art practices in contemporary China;

I have supervised the following PhD projects to successful completion:

The Representation of the Cultural Revolution on Contemporary Chinese Screen;

The Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art As Cultural Diplomacy;

The Use of the Literary Fantastic in Diasporic Chinese Women's Writing;

The Animal and the Human in Late Imperial Chinese Novels (zhiguai).

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