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"About China" Workshop 1 : 'Telling Stories through Music and Sound"


Children trying out different musical instruments


To celebrate our annual Confucius Institute Day, NCI has organised a series of workshops in partnership with Lakeside Arts, introducing local children and their families to  elements of Chinese culture and language through fun, creative activities.

Each session is different and led by Ling Peng, a talented musician and composer, artist and storyteller. Ling has been using her skills to help school children explore their creativity and learn about China for years. An erhu virtuoso, her musical knowledge enables her to use sound to its best potential and match it to a variety of creative forms. 

The first “About China” workshop took place on Saturday 25 September and was very well received. Ling introduced the ‘Four Dragons’ legend, a beautiful tale involving dragons saving the drought-stricken Chinese people by transforming into the four great Chinese rivers: Heilong, Yangtze, Yellow and Pearl. Ling taught the children to bring the story to life by weaving a soundscape together using various Chinese musical instruments including guzheng, bass drum, muyu and gong.  Fascinated by the story and the Chinese instruments, the children had a great time producing various sound such as dragon flying, crying animals, rain, thunder and lightning, learning to express themselves using co-ordination and making very loud noises at the right time! Some of the parents could not stop playing the instruments at the end of the session too!

More workshops will take place on Saturdays throughout October at Lakeside. To find out more or book a place, please visit





文 陈佳琦



孩子们全程融入到了故事的讲述中,积极地尝试多种乐器,也很专注地跟着故事情节进行配乐。本次活动不仅有效地推广了中国传统乐器,中国龙的故事和配乐的魅力, 而且全方位多角度地激发了孩子们学习中国文化的兴趣。

Posted on Thursday 30th September 2021

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