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Fun at our Traditional Dragon and Lion Dance Workshop


2nd October saw the second of the “About China“ workshop series take place at Lakeside Arts’ Djanogly Theatre. The event was jointly organised by NCI and Lakeside Arts to mark our annual global Confucius Institute Day,

Led by local musician, artist and storyteller Ling Peng, the workshop began with a warmup hand-clapping game, which soon got the children working together and ready to learn. Ling then introduced various traditional Chinese musical instruments including the Chinese bass drum, gong and muyu. After the children learned to play their instruments in a group rhythm, Ling taught them how to make dragon and lion dance moves whilst creating an accompanying percussive tune. Supported by Sky and Helen, two student volunteers from the CSSA, the children delivered a wonderful dragon and line dance parade in front of their parents, winning big smiles and rounds of applause. The workshop ended with some exciting dragon storytelling – the perfect ending to an hour of creative learning through sound and movement. 

The children said that they really enjoyed the workshop and would love to do it again. “Dragons are my favourite! That’s why I am here at the workshop. It’s so fun!“ said one.

More workshops will take place on Saturdays throughout October at Lakeside. To find out more or book a place, please visit



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Posted on Thursday 14th October 2021

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