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Family Fun at NCI's Chinese Dragon Puppet Workshop

dragon puppet


To mark our annual Confucius Institute Day, NCI held another Chinese cultural workshop for children in partnership with Lakeside Arts on 9 October. The workshop “Chinese Dragon Puppet Making” was once again led by local artist, musician and storyteller Peng Ling with support from two CSSA student volunteers, Helen and Sky.

Due to Covid restrictions, only a limited number of spaces could be offered for this indoor event, with all being taken well in advance by enthusiastic children and parents. The workshop began with the children making dragon heads, with Ling carefully instructing them on how to make the tongue, teeth, horns and eyes. They then made their colourful dragon bodies. After attaching the two parts and adding two wooden sticks at the bottom, some marvellous 3D dragon puppets came into being!  Both children and parents had a great time and proudly took their creations home.  

NCI has organised various exciting events for the Autumn term ranging from cultural workshops, weekly online Tai Chi Practice with Dr Lan Lo, a Chinese Philosophy talk by Manual Parrano, and the 13th “China and Me” Mandarin Speech Contest. To register or find out more about them, please visit We look forward to seeing you!


Posted on Sunday 24th October 2021

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