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Some staff may take part in a marking boycott as part of action short of a strike. While many of our students will be unaffected by this action, some may be. Find out more about this on our current students article.

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Have extenuating circumstances?

We hope your exams go well, but we know that sometimes exams and revision can be difficult. Our support and wellbeing services can offer you a range of help and assistance during this period.

Health and Wellbeing Services

If you are unable to complete an exam for any reason, don't worry. You should fill out an extenuating circumstances form as soon as you can and remember you'll likely need to submit this with evidence.

Extenuating Circumstances Guide

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Support for specific learning difficulties

Student Communications Officer

Communications and Marketing
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telephone:+44 (0)115 82 32353
e: studentcommsoffice@nottingham.ac.uk