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Revising for exams

It can be helpful to think of revision as reinforcing your learning. You will be learning new material as you progress through each module, and will often be looking at how a new topic links with a previous one. 

Whenever you start your revision, make sure you are taking enough time to do yourself justice. Remember revision is just that - it is about seeing something again and refreshing your memory and checking your understanding.  Make sure you are clear about what your examinations involve and, where possible, access past papers or model questions to see the type of questions you will be expected to answer.

Practical tips

  • Divide the day into three periods of 150 minutes each and revise for two of them
  • When you are not revising, get well away from your desk
  • Plan one day a week to be completely free of revision
  • Break up your day with other activities. Domestic chores are really useful!
  • Go for a walk or play sport - fresh air and physical activity help you unwind
  • Get the support of your friends, your family or your partner
  • Avoid any substances that promise limitless energy! There's usually a downside, and revision time is not a good time for experiments.
  • Yoga, tai chi, meditation or techniques for relaxing the mind and body are worth learning
  • Your brain needs energy and also rest. Eat little and often.
  • Go for quality food, e.g. wholemeal bread, pasta, nuts, fruit and lots of vegetables
  • Go for quality drinks, e.g. plenty of water and real fruit juice
  • Make sure you allow yourself relaxation time after your revision before going to sleep
Student revising for exams


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