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Before your exam


Exam Checklist – things you need to do/know before your exams:

 On-site Examinations: 

  • Please wait outside of the exam location until admitted by an invigilator
  • Ensure that you bring ALL STATIONERY needed as invigilators are not permitted to provide stationery 
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Travelling between campuses

Past exam papers

Papers from previous University of Nottingham examinations are available  to view here.

Papers were previously accessed via the Portal; this function of the Portal will be decomissioned and papers should be accessed via the above link. 

Past examination papers are provided solely for registered students of the University of Nottingham for the purpose of individual private study in preparation for examinations. Students must not distribute either printed or electronic copies of these papers to anyone - including students on the same course. Any breach of this rule may lead to disciplinary action. 

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How to access past papers

Please download the User Guide for detailed information on accessing past exam papers on the DSpace repository. 

If you cannot find the paper you are looking for it may be because its publication has not been authorised by the School. Please speak to the School who set the examination paper for confirmation. 


How to check your Exam Timetable

Your individual exam timetable can be found via the Share Point examination page.

Please ensure that you check it carefully. If you notice anything missing please contact your Student Service Centre as soon as possible. 


How to find out where my exams are


Where is the Hopper/KMC/SB timetable

You can access the hopper bus timetable for further details on travelling between campuses. 

There will also be a coach that travels between University Park and KMC for the dates that there are any exams at KMC. You can view the timetable here.


Do I need ID


Please ensure that you take a form of Photographic ID with you to the exam.

This should be your Student ID card but a valid passport, photo driving license or other national identity cards are also acceptable forms of ID.


What do I need to bring to my exam

It is your responsibility to bring the correct stationery to your exam.

The Exams Office DO NOT issue stationery so if you haven’t got the correct stationery, you risk not being able to sit your exam.

You MUST bring the following stationery to ALL of your examinations:

Pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, pencil sharpener, ruler, coloured pencils, permitted calculators

Guide notes on the use of calculators in exams


Can I bring a dictionary to my exams

Dictionaries are not allowed, with one exception; those whose first language is not English may use a standard translation dictionary to translate between that language and English, provided that neither language is the subject of this examination. 

Subject specific translation dictionaries are not permitted.

No electronic devices capable of storing and retrieving text, including electronic dictionaries, may be used.


What items are not allowed in exam

The following items are NOT PERMITTED in an exam:

Mobile phones, smart watches, pagers, MP3/MP4 player, iPod, tablet computers, laptop computers, personal organisers, electronic dictionaries, unauthorized calculators, any other electronic device (stop watches, timers, headphones (not noise cancelling) etc.).

You are NOT PERMITTED to bring study notes, unauthorised spare or scrap paper, unauthorised reference materials. 


Can I bring food/drink

You may bring small quantities of food and drink - though it must not disturb other candidates, and must not be annotated in any way or you may be suspected of cheating.

Can I bring valuables to my exam

It is preferred that you don’t bring valuables to the exam room as you will be expected to leave your bag away from your desk during exams.

Wallets, purses and keys can be taken to your desk, but must be stored underneath and must not be accessed at any point during the exam.  

You MUST ensure that mobile phones, smart watches, tablets etc. are turned off.  

The University is not liable for any losses experienced during exams, bags will be left unattended.


What if I arrive late to my exam

It is your responsibility to make sure that you leave sufficient time to get to your exam(s). If you arrive late for your exam you will be allowed to enter the exam room during the first hour of the exam.

If the exam is less than 1 hour, you are only permitted to enter the exam room whilst the exam is still underway. You will not receive any additional time to compensate for late arrival.

If you arrive after the first hour or at an exam that is less than 1 hour in duration that has ended, you will not be permitted to enter the room.

If you are late arriving for an exam, you should raise an Extenuating Circumstances claim if you wish to make your School aware of the circumstances. 

Further information about extenuating circumstances can be found on the Counselling Service webpages.

Raise an Extenuating Circumstances claim here:

Raise an Extenuating circumstances claim via the Student Enquiry Centre


Can I use my car to get to my exams

The usual University of Nottingham parking regulations apply during examinations.

Students are NOT allowed to park for their examinations unless they have a parking permit


Illegible handwriting, what can I do

It is likely that you may need to write for long periods of time during an exam. If this is something that you haven't done for a while, try to practice in advance.

If you know that you have problems with illegible handwriting contact Student Academic Skills for support and guidance on strategies to improve.

Also see the following policy:

University's policy on the Legibility of Work Submitted for Assessment


During your exam



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