Information relating to examination results and relevant award course progression details, including degree classification, borderlines and resit information



Assessment results

Assessment Results Blue Castle

You will receive your assessment results electronically from Blue Castle unless your school/department has advised otherwise. You will need to log in using your university username and password.

We will email you on the release date to let you know Blue Castle is open and you can check your results.

If you have any questions about your results, you should contact your Student Services Centre at the earliest opportunity.

See examples of what you might see in Blue Castle.


When are results available?

Autumn semester module marks: Tuesday 20 February 2024

Spring semester module marks and award details for finalists: Tuesday 9 July 2024

Spring Semester Progression information: Tuesday 16 July 2024

Late summer resits: Tuesday 24 September 2024

PGT award outcomes: TBC


Progression and award information (including degree classification and borderlines)

To progress from one year of your course to the next, you need to meet the university academic progression regulations plus any additional supplementary regulations on your course. Please read our Academic Regulations.

Please select the relevant section depending on the type of degree and the relevant year of entry onto the course. You will need to select the relevant category i.e. undergraduate, and then the year you commenced your course to find the regulations relevant to you.

Progression information can be found under the ‘completion of stage’ section.

Academic regulations


Resit and first sit examinations                                                                                                             

Resit examinations

If at first attempt, you do not satisfactorily complete a stage (other than the final stage), please note that you have the right for one reassessment in each failed module to satisfy progression requirements. The form of reassessment will usually be the same as the first attempt and will normally be taken in the August/September resit period.

The resit mark is used for progression purposes only; it is the original mark that will be used for degree classification purposes. For example, an undergraduate student may achieve 38 at the first attempt, but 63 on re-assessment. It is the original mark of 38 that will be used when calculating the weighted average to determine the final award classification.

Further information can be found within our university regulations. You will need to select the relevant section depending on the type of degree and the relevant year of entry onto the course. The resit information can then be found under the ‘Reassessment’ section.

There is an additional charge for resits. It is a one-off charge no matter how many resits are being taken in the reassessment period. The fee is currently £80 for an undergraduate student and £130 for a postgraduate student.

First sit examinations

One of the possible outcomes from an extenuating circumstances claim is a ’first sit’. That means you can take another attempt at the assessment. This is a new first attempt (and therefore different from a resit). If a first sit is granted, the extenuating circumstance outcome awarded will not be optional. That is, if the student is granted another attempt at that assessment, the student will need to take that assessment as the original (affected) assessment will not be marked or the mark not released to the student.

First sits will usually be offered in the reassessment period at the end of the academic year.