Study abroad finance

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Study abroad finance


This information refers to undergraduate courses only.  However some postgraduate taught courses may be eligible for the Vice-Chancellor’s Award. Please contact the Global Opportunities team for details.

Studying abroad requires students to budget for a range of costs including flights, visa and insurance. The cost of living also differs from country to country and there are some funding opportunities for students studying or working overseas, including automatic and means tested bursaries and destination based scholarships.

All exchange students are responsible for paying for their own accommodation, travel, insurance, visa costs (if applicable) and all other living expenses whilst studying or working abroad and so budgeting in advance is crucial.  


Please be aware that study abroad options may change at any time for a number of reasons, including curriculum developments, changes to arrangements with partner universities, travel restrictions or other circumstances outside of the University’s control. Every effort will be made to update this information as quickly as possible should a change occur. Please note that, in order to be accepted on to a study abroad programme, you have to achieve the relevant academic requirements as set by the University of Nottingham AND meet the selection criteria of both the University of Nottingham and the partner institution (though the partner institution is under no obligation to accept you).

Tuition fees and student loans

All University of Nottingham students who participate in one of the university’s exchange opportunities pay their tuition fees to the University of Nottingham UK in the usual way although the amount will be lower. No tuition fees are paid to the host university/international campus.

Details of the tuition fees payable can be found on the tuition fees exceptional fees webpage.

If you study abroad, for a period of at least eight weeks, as part of your degree programme, you may be eligible for an overseas rate of loan from Student Finance England.

For further information on student loans whilst studying abroad, please refer to the relevant factsheet under Study abroad funding - factsheets from Student Finance England.

Student Finance (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) Travel Grant

A Travel Grant is available to eligible full time students, who have had a means-tested assessment carried out by Student Finance, and who are attending a clinical placement in the UK or studying abroad as part of their course. For further information please refer to the Government Travel Grant webpage.

Student Finance Wales Student Finance Scotland Student Finance Northern Ireland

University Core Bursary

If you are receiving a Core Bursary in 2023/24 or have received a Core Bursary in previous years, and your financial circumstances haven’t changed, you will be entitled to the same level of bursary you received in previous years during 2024/25.


Automatic and means-tested bursaries

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for International Travel

In recognition of the ongoing support for study abroad from the Vice-Chancellor, all students allocated to study abroad through Inter-campus exchange to the China or Malaysia Campus during 2024/2025 will each receive an automatic bursary, paid to them by bank transfer prior to the start of their exchange.

The amount of funding will depend on a student's household income:

  • Students with a household income above £42,875 and students not receiving funding through Student Finance or who are not means tested = total £750
  • Students with a household income of £35,001 to £42,875 = total £1,250
  • Students with a household income of £35,000 or below = total £1,500

The additional funding for low-income households is based on a student's residual household income as calculated by Student Finance for the assessment of funding for the 2023/2024 academic year. Students, who receive funding from Student Finance, are means-tested for support and have been allocated to study abroad through Inter-campus exchange during 2024/25 will be automatically assessed for this addtional funding.


Destination specific scholarships and bursaries

A number of scholarships are offered by certain countries or universities to exchange students. Depending on where you are studying abroad, you may be eligible to apply for these. More information on scholarships and bursaries by partner university/host country/host city, can also be found on our partner information webpage.

Turing Mobility grants

Eligible students will be invited to apply for the grant by Nottingham.

Further information on the Turing programme can be found on the Turing Mobility Funding.

External funding

City U "Explorer Grant"

In recognation of our partnership, City U are offering a HK$10, 000 scholarship for University of Nottingham students spending a semester or year on exchange at CityU for 2024-25. This is a competitive award and you will be required to write a 200 word personal statement.

BUTEX scholarships

The Scholarship is open to all undergraduate students who are affiliated to a BUTEX Full Member institution, of which the University of Nottingham is one. The awards are worth up to £500.

SEMP scholarship for Switzerland

Students exchanging to Switzerland will be part of the Swiss-European Mobility programme (SEMP) and as such are eligible to apply for a grant from the Swiss Federation. 

For example 2023-24 rates were 1, 900 CHF - 2, 200 CHF per semester (exact amount dependant on students home country)

University of Zurich U21 Scholarship

In addition to the SEMP, Zurich also provide 2 scholarships of 1, 000 CHF to the University of Nottingham. Students must be nominated to Zurich for this award, if more than 2 students are exchanging to Zurich then those with the lowest household income will be put forward for this scholarship.

DUO Scholarship Singapore

The award, based on merit, is for pairs of exchanges between a university in Singapore and its respective partner university in Europe, in any academic field. Each selected student will be awarded €4,000 (approx. £3,500) for one semester or one year of exchange.

DUO Scholarship Korea

The award, based on merit, is for pairs of exchanges between a university in South Korea and its respective partner university in Europe in any academic field. Each selected student will be awarded €4,000 (approx. £3,500) for one semester or one year of exchange.

Global KU Scholarship

Korea University have a range of awards under this scholarship: admission, travel and academic merit. Awards range from KRW 100,000 to KRW 1,600,000 (approx. £60 to £965)

Korea University U21 Scholarship

The U21 scholarship is given to exchange students from Universitas 21 universities, including the University of Nottingham, studying at Korea University. Students don’t need to apply for the scholarship since it’s automatically provided. For students studying at U21 member universities outside Asia, including Nottingham, the amount of scholarship available is 500,000 Won (approx. £300).

University of Western Australia Gerald Brown Scholarship

Exchange students from the University of Nottingham studying at the University of Western Australia are eligible to apply for a Gerald Frank Brown Scholarship.

The scholarships will be offered for each semester of the academic year and are valued at AUD$2,000 (approx. $1,150) each.

Trinity Residential College Bursary

Students accepted into Trinity Residential College are eligible for a bursary of AUD$1,250 (approx. £685) per semester towards accommodation costs. Students must be recommended for this bursary by the University of Nottingham and admittance to the College and award of the bursary is solely at TRC's discretion.


University of Nottingham Travel scholarships

Funded by generous donations, the Nottingham travel scholarships are competitive awards related to travel. 

Please follow the link below to find out more about eligibility criteria for each award and a link to the online and paper application forms: 

Travel scholarships

Selections for the travel scholarships are made by the Funding and Financial Support team.


Further information

Contact Financial support for information about tuition fees and Student Finance loans.

Contact the Global Opportunities team for information about study abroad bursaries or external bursaries.

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