Placements and Study Abroad

The information of this page is for students who are funded by Student Finance England and relates to entitlement for statutory funding.

(If your funding is from SFWales, SFNi or SAAS please check with them to confirm your entitlement to funding)

Are you taking a compulsory year in industry?

Are you taking an optional year in industry?

Are you taking a semester or year abroad?

Please note - It is important that you tell Student Finance that you will be abroad/on a placement year. Before you submit your funding application you need to indicate what you will be doing during each term. If you have already submitted your application and then decide to go abroad/take a placement year you will need to log into your online account and complete a change of circumstances form to update your information.

When completing your Student Finance application for a tuition fee loan, if you require the maximum loan to cover your tuition fee, please tick the appropriate box and also tick to allow the University to change the amount. This will enable us to amend the fee and fee loan from £9,250/£9,000 to the correct fee as advised below, once it has been confirmed that you have gone abroad/on a work placement. Please contact us at if you require any further information.


A Compulsory Year in Industry

If you are taking a year in industry in 2017/18 then you may be entitled to the following funding. Please note that a compulsory year means that you have to complete the year in order to obtain your degree. For example you may be on the 4 year Chemistry course with a Year in Industry.

What statutory funding can I receive?

You may be eligible for a tuition fee loan of up to £1,850 which is the tuition fee charged by the University, in 2017/18, for students on a year-long work placement.

You can also apply for a non means tested, reduced rate, maintenance loan of £2,553

However, if you are going to be on an unpaid placement in a hospital, health care authority, Local Authority, prison sector or working on research within a Higher Education Institute, you may be eligible to apply for the usual package of financial support.

Please contact the Financial Support Team or Student Finance England for further clarification.

What about my Core Bursary?

If you usually receive a University Core Bursary we can only award this if you ask Student Finance to carry out a means tested assessment and the income information is shared with us in the usual way.


An Optional Year in Industry

If you have decided that you want to take a year out in industry but this is not a part of your degree then this is called an 'optional year in industry'. You are effectively taking a period of interruption from your course while you complete some work experience.

What statutory funding can I receive?

You are not entitled to any funding from Student Finance as you have chosen to take time out from your course, and the work in industry is not a compulsory element of your degree programme.

What about my Core Bursary?

The University does not pay any Core Bursary to a student who is on a period of interruption; this includes students who take time out to complete a year in industry.


Studying abroad

 The Study Abroad team have a useful web page outlining the funding for a student who is studying abroad. However this does not include funding information for Erasmus students.

What statutory funding can I receive (Erasmus student)?

You are eligible to apply for the full funding package as in previous years of study. You can be means tested (if relevant) for a maintenance loan from Student Finance. In fact the maintenance loan is slightly higher than for the years you are at Nottingham. This is in addition to any funding from the Erasmus Grant. 

Please note - if you are on a work placement, the fact that you are on the Erasmus scheme overrides the fact that you are working. Therefore you should be assessed for the whole funding package and not receive the reduced rate maintenance loan mentioned above.

The tuition fee for Erasmus students is the same as all students who are on a year abroad in 2017/18 and a tuition fee loan is available from Student Finance. For the year abroad fee in 2017/18 please see the exceptional fees pages.

The fee for a Semester abroad is different, but the University will advise Student Finance of the correct fee during the academic year.

Study abroad maintenance loan for 2017/18 from Student Finance for 2012-2015 starters
 Full year overseas (non final year) £7,180 max £4,667 non means tested
 Full year overseas (final year) £6,240 max £3,653 non means tested

If you have a means tested assessment carried out and are awarded a grant the maximum loan figure will be reduced by 50p for each £1 of grant received.

The non means tested maintenance loan is available for all eligible students regardless of household income.


Study abroad maintenance loan for 2017/18 from Student Finance for 2016/17 starters
Full year overseas (not final year £9,654 max £4,667 non means tested


What about my University Core Bursary?

You are still entitled to receive the University Core Bursary while you are on an Erasmus year or semester out. From 2017/18 this should be automatically awarded to you once we have been notified of your household income by Student Finance. Please check MyNottingham portal, Financial Aid to see the level of award.

Contact us

If you have any questions about your statutory funding for your year or semester abroad please contact the Financial Support Team.