If you’re experiencing financial hardship whilst studying at the University of Nottingham, we want to do all we can to support you.  

On this webpage, you’ll find details of the support funds available to you. Make sure you read through the information carefully, including the evidence required to support your application. We want to process applications as quickly as possible – a full picture of your financial situation helps us get funds where they are needed most.  

Applications will open on Sunday 1 October 2023 for the 2023/24 academic year. Please note the following closing dates:

  • For students who are continuing on their course into the 2024/25 academic year the closing date is Friday 12 July 2024
  • The closing date for students who finish their course in June 2024 and will graduate in July 2024 was Friday 10 May 2024

For further information on the application process – including deadlines, available payments, outcome of decisions – please read our guidance notes.

Due to the number of applications received we aim to carry out assesements within three working weeks, once all supporting documents have been received.

We are currently receiving a high number of applications without all supporting documents. This delays the assessment process for everyone, so please ensure you submit everything needed at the point of application - see the video and documents needed.

Applications without all required evidence will be marked as unsuccessful and closed.


I have read the guidance notes above. What evidence do I need to apply? 

  • Tenancy agreement – make sure this is for the relevant academic year and shows the cost of rent and length of your tenancy, and if utility bills are included or mortgage statement to confirm mortgage payments
  • Transaction and daily balance printouts for all bank accounts you have in your name (and, if applicable, any partner’s accounts). These need to cover the two-month period prior to submitting your application 
  • Proof of funding (e.g. student loan letter, stipend, NHS bursary living cost award) 
  • If you have a maintenance loan from Student Finance, please provide a printout of an instalment going into your bank account 
  • Where relevant, proof of childcare costs - you should use our template letter for your provider 
Student with a calculator.

Apply here

Apply for the Student Hardship Fund, the Childcare Support Fund or the W H Revis Bequest Fund



The above evidence should be uploaded as pdf documents. For further information – including relevant letters and additional documentation that may be relevant to your circumstances - please read through our guide to supporting documents and watch the video below: (video transcript)

The Student Hardship Fund

If you are already claiming all the support you are eligible for from the Government – including your student loan – but are still struggling to make ends meet, you may be eligible to apply to the Student Hardship Fund.


  • University of Nottingham home students  
  • University of Nottingham home research students
  • University of Nottingham international students and research students in their final year of study or research (not thesis pending periods). You may also be eligible if you have experienced an unexpected change in circumstances since the academic year started, that has impacted your finances. 

Further information on your eligibility can be found on our guidance notes.


The Childcare Support Fund

This fund has been set up to contribute to essential registered childcare for students and research students struggling to meet costs whilst they are studying.


  • All University of Nottingham students and research students registered and attending a course in the UK

Further information on your eligibility can be found on our guidance notes.


The Student Crisis Fund

This fund can provide small, interest-free loans to students and research students experiencing financial difficulties because of an unexpected change in their circumstances after admission to the university.

How to apply

Unlike the above funds, please contact our Funding and Financial Support team to discuss your circumstances. If you are eligible for the Student Crisis Fund, the team will provide you with the link to the application form so you can apply.

  • All University of Nottingham students and research students registered and attending a course in the UK



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