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Managing your money

Learning how to manage your money is a crucial part of University life. Even if you think you are good with money, being at University and coping with how your student funding is paid brings different challenges.

Below are suggestions as to how you might be able to increase your income.  Select the relevant arrow or question and advice and information will be revealed.

If you are an International student some of the answers below may not be relevant to you, however. If you are worried about your finances please contact us

Understanding your Budget module

Why not work through the Understanding your Budget module in Moodle.

You will learn how different situations may impact your budget while you are a student and there are interactive quizzes to try. Give it a go!


Fraud and Scams

Anybody could be a target of fraud or a scam, but some are specifically aimed at students. For more information, see our dedicated page on Fraud and Scams.


Living costs in Nottingham

For information about some of the typical costs of living in Nottingham and other considerations when planning a budget to live in the City, please see our Living Costs in Nottingham page.


Short of cash?

Have you claimed all possible student support?

Check you are in receipt of all possible financial support both from the Government and the University or the NHS where relevant.

Additional support is available to students with dependents including help with the cost of Childcare.


Consider part time work

While studying must be a priority many students find they can successfully hold down a part time job alongside their studies. Unitemps Nottingham, the Careers and Employability Service (CES) recruitment agency for temporary work, offers opportunities to find work on campus and around Nottingham. The CES can also help you to prepare the perfect CV and give tips on job searching. The CES is situated in the Portland Building.


Apply for additional support funds from the University

The University has several funds to help eligible students who find themselves struggling financially. Go to the Support Funds page for more information.


Sort out an interest free overdraft on your bank account

High street banks are keen to get your custom - they expect students will become the high earners of the future and stick with them for life. To entice you in they offer students interest free overdrafts. Many students make use of the interest free overdraft to get them through term time and then work during the holidays to repay the debt. If you haven't already got a student account with an interest free overdraft you could consider contacting your bank to talk about your options.


Are you eligible for state benefits?

Most full time higher education students are not entitled to income related benefits, however certain groups may be able to make a claim. 

You may be eligible for Child Tax Credits if you are a student and have responsibility for a child.

Students' Union Advice Team can help you work out if you qualify for any benefits. Students' Union Advice are situated in the Portland Building on University Park Campus.




Are you a student with a child/children?

Childcare Support Fund

The University has a small fund to help with the cost of essential childcare whilst you are studying.  Visit the Support funds page for more information. All students can apply to this fund - Home, EU and International


Nottingham Potential Bursary

The University offers a bursary for home students with child or adult dependents.  For more information go to the Bursaries and Scholarships pages.


Additional allowances from the Government or NHS

Both the Government via Student Finance and the NHS offer additional funding depending on your personal circumstances. 

From Student Finance there is the;

  • Childcare grant
  • Parents Learning Allowance

From 2020 entry the NHS offers (in addition to Student Finance):

  • Training Grant
  • Parental Support
  • Regional Incentive
  • Specialist subject payment
  • Help with dual travel and accommodation costs
  • Exceptional Hardship Fund


State benefits

Students with children may be eligible for state benefits including Child Benefit and Child Tax Credits.  Check 'Are you eligible for state benefits' above.


Problems with Student Finance/Student Loans Company/NHS?

Student Finance Enquiry Line /NHS student helpline

If you need to phone Student Finance England (SFE) then you can call them on +44 (0)300 100 0607.  Calls will be free from a landline and also count towards free minutes packages on mobiles. (If you have no free minutes, they will cost no more than a standard geographical call).

For Student Finance Wales, Northern Ireland or Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) please check their web pages for helpline numbers.

You can call the NHS Student Helpline on
+44 (0)300 330 1345



Talk to the and Financial Support team

If you are finding it difficult to resolve a problem with Student Finance or the NHS please get in touch with the Funding and Financial Support team.

The Team are experienced in helping students resolve funding problems. During term-time we offer appointment sessions to support with more complex issues or queries.

You can find more information on our Talk to Us pages.




Is there any help while my funding is sorted?

If your student funding is delayed through no fault of your own, then we may be able to offer a short term, interest-free loan from the Student Crisis Fund until your funding is through. 

Please note we will not lend money to cover accommodation costs or tuition fees.  Please contact the Accommodation Office or your accommodation provider, or the Student Account Services team for fees ( ) to let them know your funding is delayed and to sort out a payment plan.



Worried about debt?

If you are worried about debt contact the Student Advice Centre, Portland Building, University Park for help and advice.  Staff are trained debt advisors, experienced in helping students resolve debt problems.


Telephone SAC: 0115 84 68730

Email SAC:


Need help with budgeting or sorting out your house bills?

Budgeting Tools

Paying household bills


Student Services

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