You might need to request a letter from us during your studies or after you've graduated. You can use the links below to place an order.


What you need to know

I need to prove I'm a student at the university

Only current students can request this type of letter, if you're an applicant or a graduate other documents are available to you.You will need complete registration before you can request this letter.  

When you have fully registered for the new academic year you will be sent an email confirming this. This email will be in a similar format to a student status letter and may be sufficient to formally confirm that you are a student at the university so you may not need to request a letter from us.

If you need a letter to travel abroad or for visa purposes, and it has to be addressed to an embassy, please see the 'I want to travel overseas and I need to get a visa' section below.  

Order a Confirmation of Student Status letter


I need to open a bank account                                                                                             

To get a letter to open a student bank account, you first need to be fully registered with the university (applicants are not eligible to order this document).

You can only have one bank letter, so please carefully check the information you provide. Multiple orders will not be processed.  

The bank will ask us to confirm your home and term time address, we will provide them with the information you have added to NottinghamHub. Please make sure your addresses are up-to-date in NottinghamHub (including your room or flat number) as banks will not accept letters with incomplete addresses.

Order your bank letter


I need a letter confirming I studied at the university

If your graduation ceremony has not yet taken place, you need a confirmation of student status letter.  

If you studied with us but didn't complete a degree, we can provide you with a letter to confirm the period that you studied with us.

You can order your letter online, follow the link below according to the year of you studied here:


I need a letter so I don't have to pay Council Tax                                                           

1) Are you a part-time student?

Only full-time students are eligible for a council tax exemption certificate. If you are a part-time student we will not be able to complete your order.

2) Are you requesting it on behalf of someone else?

If the letter is for someone else to claim a Council Tax discount or exemption (for example, a parent), you will need to order a Confirmation of Student Status letter, which can be requested here.

3) Do you live in university halls of residence?

You are automatically exempted from paying council tax and no further action is required.

4) Do you live locally to Nottingham?

If you do not live in halls of residence, but you do live within one of the seven Local Authority areas listed below, you do not need a letter, as the University will notify them on your behalf. 

  • Broxtowe Borough Council
  • Derby City Council
  • Erewash Borough Council
  • Gedling Borough Council
  • North West Leicestershire District Council
  • Nottingham City Council
  • Rushcliffe Borough Council

To be eligible you need to be fully registered and you have entered both your term-time and home address on NottinghamHub.

If you do not live in university halls of residence, and you live outside of the Local Authority areas listed above, you may still be eligible to receive a council tax exemption.

5) Are you a postgraduate research student?


If you have not yet entered your thesis pending period, please click here to order a council tax exemption letter.

If you are in your thesis pending period, in order to be eligible for a council tax exemption you must first be registered. If you don't register at the point of entering thesis pending you cannot retrospectively claim an exemption.

Once you have submitted your first submission thesis for examination you are no longer eligible for a council tax exemption.


You are likely to be eligible for a council tax exemption.

Order your council tax exemption letter 


I need a duplicate degree certificate or a diploma supplement

When you graduate you receive a degree certificate and a diploma supplement.

If you wish to purchase additional copies of these documents, please use the following links

Diploma supplements are a transcript of marks and are not available for nursing students (except Advanced Nursing Practice).


I would like to order a transcript of my marks                   

Prospective employers should use HEDD (Higher Education Degree Datacheck) to verify an award gained from the University of Nottingham.   

I am a current student

You can print a transcript of your marks from Blue Castle for free.

If you need something official then you can order a provisional transcript. These cost £3 each.

Current students order a transcript

I am a former student that graduated after 2002 

Graduate or leavers transcripts can be requested if you graduated or completed your studies after 2002.

These transcripts cost £10 each.

Order a 2002 onwards transcript

I am a former student that graduated in 2001 or earlier

If you graduated in 2001 or earlier we will not be able to produce a full transcript for you but you can request a letter to confirm your degree, classification and study dates. These letters cost £5 and we aim to have them produced within 5 working days.

Order a confirmation of degree letter


I would like a tuition fee receipt                                                                     

You may require a receipt for a tuition fee payment. 

You can get this in NottinghamHub in the finace tab. A receipt will be available to print 3 days after you made a payment.

For any payments made in a previous academic year you can order a tuition fee receipt. It will be available 5 days after you order it and you can receive it by email, post or collection from a Student Services Centre.

Order a tuition fee receipt


I need to verify a student is or has attended Nottingham                        

If you need to verify degree information for one of our students please use the Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD).

Further information regarding HEDD and data collection is available here.

If your request is regarding a current student please be aware we require consent from the student to provide information to third parties.

If you have any questions, please email us.


Embassies are entitled to free credits for verifying student information through HEDD. Please email in order to obtain your free credit before using the system.


I need to get a letter to support my visa                                                                 

Depending on where in the world you wish to travel there may be different visa letter requirements. 

If you are travelling to one of the named countries below we are already aware of the embassy requirements so please click on the country name to order your letter.

Rest of the world 

It is likely that other embassies will have specific requirement. Please make sure you check what these are before ordering your letter.

Once you have confirmed the embassy requirements, please order your letter. You can type in any specific details in the comments box on the order form and our team of specialists will include that information when they produce your letter.

Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies Certificate

While you are a student here and if you have a Student visa, you may need to request a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies). Follow this link to request a CAS.

For further visa information please visit the Visa & Immigration support webpages