You are required to register initially as a new student at the start of your course and then re-register at the beginning of each academic year as a returning student. This confirms your intention to study at the University of Nottingham as well as providing you with access to our services, buildings, Moodle, your personalised timetable, funding (if applicable) and more.

New students

You must complete online and in-person (on campus) registration within three weeks of your course start date.

This is with the exception of those studying part time or taking distance learning courses.  If this applies to you, you are only required to register online.  

Once you have completed all parts of your registration you will receive an email to your University email account to confirm your registration is complete.




Returning students

If you are an existing student returning to your programme of study, you only need to complete online registration. This needs to be done within the first two weeks of the start of the academic year.  Please refer to our key dates

Once you have completed your online registration you will receive an email to confirm your registration is complete.

Online registration - returning students


Need help?

If you are unsure what to do next or if you have any questions about your registration, please refer to our FAQs.  You can also contact us or visit our student enquiry centre.

 Registration FAQs