How to complete online registration

  • You need to  activate your IT account and set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - or log in with your university username and password if you have previously studied here - to access your university email account. You will then find an email with instructions on completing your online registration: 

  • Log in to NottinghamHub using your university username and password (not your applicant details). If you have previously saved these login details on your smart device. Please ensure these are your university username and password set up as part of the IT account activation. 

  • On the NottinghamHub homepage click on the ‘Registration’ tile and follow the steps to complete your online registration. 

You need to complete this process within the first three weeks of your course start date. If you have not registered by this date or informed us that you wish to defer or withdraw, your record will be closed and you may not be able to join the university.

Complete online registration


Help and further information

Registration FAQ's

If you are having issues with connecting to activating your IT account, please contact the  IT Service Desk.

If you are having problems completing registration or have any questions please visit our Student enquiry centre or contact us.



Quick guide to online registration

This video takes you through the steps to complete online registration or follow the steps in our Online registration guide

Online registration guide