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IT account activation

check_circle   You will receive an email to your personal email address three weeks before your official start date, this will include your Student ID.

Can't find your student ID number?

  1. Sign into NottinghamHub with your applicant details
  2. Click on the ‘Profile’ tile 
  3. You will see your ID number in the top left of the screen 


Activating your IT account

Watch the video below to find out how to complete your IT account activation and change your temporary password. Once activated, please configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to secure your account.

Note, the password requirements shown in the above video have changed. For guidance see creating strong passwords.

View steps to complete activation
Steps to activate your IT account
 1 Visit
 2 Click 'All Students' or 'UoNO students' or 'School of Health Sciences CPD/LBR students' as appropriate
 3 Read the Acceptable Use Policy and supporting policies
 4 Enter your surname, date of birth and student ID
 5 Tick 'I have read and understood the statement on this page'
 6 Click 'Continue'
 7 Your username, temporary password and email address will be displayed on screen (make a note of these details)
 8 Click 'Continue'
 9 Enter your username and temporary password and click 'Next'
 10 Set your security questions and responses, note these are case sensitive
 11 Click 'Save Answers' and then click 'Continue'
 12 Click 'Change My Password'
 13 Enter the temporary password you just used to log in and click 'Continue'
 14 Follow the on screen instructions to set a secure password, for guidance see creating strong passwords
 15 Click 'Change Password' and remember your new password
 16 You're all set, now sign out and close IT accounts


Please now configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to secure and access your university Microsoft 365 account.




Secure your account

Many services will require you to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to approve access.

Now that you have activated your IT account and changed your temporary password, please set up MFA to secure and access your Microsoft 365 account.

Setting up MFA




check_circle   Once you have completed activation, you can sign in to your university Microsoft 365 account. You will receive an email to your university email address explaining how to complete online registration.

check_circle   Once you have finished online registration, all students must complete in-person registration.

If you experience any issues with registration please contact the IT Service Desk or a Student Service Centre



What can I access?

Student IT accounts provide access to the following services and facilities:





Requesting access to additional services

If students require access to additional services specific to their course or modules, they must gain approval from a Sponsor (i.e. Course Director, Module Convenor, Principal Investigator) and contact the IT Service Desk to arrange access.



How long are accounts valid for?

Student accounts are valid for the duration of their studies at the University and will be closed 120 days after their official leaving date. This includes any agreed extensions to courses, including writing of theses. There are exceptions for the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy and the School of Education.

Accounts may also be closed if it is believed an account has been compromised, if the JANET Acceptable Use Policy or Acceptable Use Policy have been contravened or if there is a potential disciplinary or legal case against a particular user.



Your responsibilities

All students must take full responsibility for activity within their IT account and adhere to the:

All account owners are required to take appropriate care to protect their account details and passwords. 

View the University's Information Security policies (SharePoint log in required):

IT Security Policies



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