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Access to the University's IT services for those outside the HR or student record systems.



About Associate accounts

check_circle   Associate accounts are granted for an initial maximum of 12 months.

check_circle   There are no 'standard services' for Associate users. However, a Sponsor can, for example, ask for an Associate to have access to the same services that employees have as standard services.

check_circle   If the new Associate was previously a member of the University please contact the relevant Sponsor or Campus IT support to determine whether a previous mailbox can be migrated to the new Associate mailbox.


Please note: associate accounts are created for individual users, and applications should be made on that basis. This is detailed in the terms and conditions that the associate user agrees to, but it may not be clear to associate sponsors.

If you are an account sponsor and you believe a group associate account is the only method of providing the access your colleagues need, then please contact the IT Service Desk to discuss your requirements before applying.

Any associate accounts that appear to be used as group accounts will be suspended while their pattern of use is investigated.

View detailed information about IT Services as part of your induction as a new member of the University as Staff, Postgraduate Researcher or Associate (Workspace login required):

Associate IT induction



What are the different categories of Associates?

Emeritus Professors

The University Council may, on the recommendation of Senate, confer the title of Emeritus Professor on any Professor of the University at, or after, retirement or resignation from the University, in recognition of conspicuous service to the University.

Human Resources will identify this person as having left (in their database) and IT access will end automatically.

A Sponsor will be required to make an Associate application on behalf of the Emeritus Professor so that they can continue to access IT facilities.

Honorary Appointments (Honorary Professor, Honorary Fellow, Honorary Associate Professor, and Honorary Assistant Professor)

Although the titles Honorary Professor and Honorary Fellow are managed centrally (by the Registrar’s Office) all Honorary Appointments wishing to have access to IT facilities and libraries need to apply for an Associate University Card which is arranged, in the first instance, by contacting the relevant School Manager.


Temporary users

Accounts for temporary users are appropriate when the University is providing a short-term service that involves minimal access (e.g. by conference attendees); or when temporary staff are fulfilling a short-term function for the University.

Requests for accounts should be sponsored by someone in a position to determine 'who used the account, when'.

Services for role (i.e. shared administrative role where a number of users share a common account)

Digital and Technology Services may be able to provide a service, such as filestore or email, for use by a team or group.

This approach can be useful in situations where a number of individuals provide a service (e.g. an enquiry office) and it is convenient for them to organise files in a shared file store and/or correspond using a shared mailbox.

Organisations associated with the University

For access for spin-out company employees, IT Services to be provided by the University must be specified in the Facilities and Services Agreement between the University and the company; the Agreement may state that individual employees of the spin-out have Associate access.

Similarly, an Agreement must also be written where access needs to be provided to members of other organisations associated with the University, specifying services provided to the organisation as a whole and members of the organisation as Associates.

In these situations, the Agreement replaces the need for an individual Sponsor for each Associate. IT staff must have access to the Agreement so they can see which services should, or should not, be provided for the organisation.

Consultant IT staff (needing particular access to IT systems)

An account will be created for consultant IT staff who have been brought in to support the IT infrastructure, via the Associates application process.

Additional permissions to access 'backend' systems can be agreed locally with the Sponsor.

Role-based accounts

These are accounts that could potentially be used by a group of people. For example, where a departmental administrator email account needs to be accessed by administrative staff and temporary employees.

Role-based accounts can be set up, on request, by a relevant departmental Sponsor.

Casual staff

Accounts for casual staff are appropriate when the applicant is providing a short-term service.


Visiting staff

Staff who need access to IT services or library electronic resources.

Accounts are appropriate when the University is providing a short-term service that involves minimal access to services other than an internet connection (if an internet account is the only service needed the user should be directed to the Guest Wi-Fi) or when temporary staff are fulfilling a short-term function for the University.

Access to library electronic resources is dependent on the staff's visiting role within the University, as directed by the JISC model licences for authorised users. A visitor will not automatically have access to electronic resources.




Requesting an Associate account

check_circle   To access the University's IT services, an Associate should identify a sponsor who should be an individual associated with the work that needs to be completed on behalf of the University.

check_circle   Alternatively you can ask a contact within a School or Department to sponsor your association with the University.


Download request process



What are the Sponsor responsibilities?

The Sponsor is responsible for:

To help the Sponsor to complete your application form, please ensure you have a personal email address available. Sponsors must enter a personal email address for the Associate as the form will not accept email addresses ending in or This will enable the University to send you updates and information about your application.

This application goes through an approval process, which includes a member of staff in the relevant School or Department you will be connected to and also the relevant Campus IT support team who will assess the access needs for this account.


What is the Associate responsible for? 

The Associate must:


What authorisation do I need to get an Associate IT account?

Although most Associates and temporary users are outside University disciplinary arrangements:

  • Associate users will need to sign the Acceptable Use Policy
  • Some of these users will be contractors. Compliance with University policies can be made a condition of the contract
  • If there is no contract (e.g. a retired employee continuing research) the risks are likely to be so low that they can be managed by the Sponsor
  • A University employee will be accountable for having sponsored each Associate or temporary user

How do I activate my account?


How long can I access IT services?

Your access will have been agreed for a set period of time with your sponsor (maximum of 12 months, and renewable 1 month before deactivation).

Your account will be deactivated on the date that has been agreed by your sponsor. This application will be assessed to determine the time for which you need the account.

Information Services will carry out regular reviews of the validity of each Associate account in each department.


What is the retention policy for IT services when I leave?

Usually none of your IT services or data will be retained after your leave date. There will be a short period (usually 30 days) when your account remains disabled before Information Services deletes any data.

Discuss your requirements for data retention with your Sponsor well before you leave.


Under what circumstances will my account be disabled/suspended?

  • Contravening the JANET Acceptable Use Policy
  • Contravening the terms set out in the University's Acceptable Use Policy
  • If IT staff believe an account has been compromised. They have authority to disable the account there is a potential disciplinary or legal case against a particular user. The relevant authorities (i.e. Human Resources) may ask IT staff to disable the user's accounts
  • You are no longer considered to be a registered Associate user



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