How do I contact Disability Support Services?

If you're a current student with a Support Plan and wish to book an appointment with your Disability Advisor or Specialist Study Strategies Tutor, please book via StudentLife

For all other enquiries:

Email: - please include your university ID number (or UCAS number if an applicant) in your email.

Telephone: 0115 82 32070 - phone lines are open 9am-12pm, Monday-Friday only.



Common enquiries

I require reasonable adjustments for exams and teaching (Support Plan) 

We can liaise with your department at university regarding any impact that your condition may have on your studies.  In conversation with you, we can develop an individual support plan with recommendations for reasonable adjustments to examinations and in teaching.

To start, please complete 'Your Essential Information Form' and gather your supporting documentation.  Read the guidance on Coming to Nottingham - tell us of a disability.  This information is also relevant for students with long term medical conditions and mental health conditions.

Please be aware there are deadlines to request support for exams.

Coming to Nottingham - tell us of a disability

If you need guidance or assistance with sharing documentation, we are available to contact:

Email: Disability Support Services 

Telephone: 0115 82 32070 from 9am-12 noon Monday-Friday.


How do I book an appointment on StudentLife?

You do need to have a Support Plan to see appointment availability with our Specialist Study Support Tutors and Disability Advisers.  If you can't see any availability, please do email us at

You will also see appointments being offered by Wellbeing, ResX and Chaplaincy alongside Disability Support if you follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Student Life appointment booking portal 
  2. Then click on one of the options below the ‘What would you like to talk about?’ heading 
  3. You will now be able to view availability and book.

Alternatively, select to book an appointment with a Disability Adviser.

Or select to book an appointment with a Specialist Study Support Tutor.

You can choose an in-person or an online Teams appointment. In-person appointments are at Cherry Tree Lodge, University Park.

If you need to amend or cancel your booking, you can also do this by logging in to the Student Life portal.


I'm unsure if I have a Specific Learning Difference?

If you have never been assessed for specific learning differences (dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD), we would usually suggest that you first complete a free initial online screening using the Do-It Profiler.

On completion of a series of questions and tasks, the Do-It-Profiler gives you a personalised report. Although it does not identify specific learning differences, the tool gives you information and resources, along with guidance to help you decide if you want a formal assessment. The Do-It-Profiler is not an exam - you cannot pass or fail it. 

Requesting access to the Do-It-Profiler

You will need to log-in to Studentlife. The Do-It Profiler is in Resources, select Do-IT Profiler resource, to be sent the full details. 

Guidance documents:

If you need further advice:

Term-time: we offer weekly workshops to help you understand your Do-IT Profiler results. To book a place on the workshop, please log in to the Student Life portal. 

Select 'I think I have a Specific Learning Difference workshop' 

The homepage for Wellbeing Events will also include events for Wellbeing, ResX and Chaplaincy alongside Disability Support.

If you need to amend or cancel your booking, you can also do this by logging in to the Student Life portal.

Non term-time: our specialist Study Support Tutors offer short ‘Quick Query’ appointments to answer your questions during the holiday periods. Please log-in to StudentLife and select one of the ‘I have a quick query....’ appointment types.


How do I check my Support Plan is in place correctly?

If you require amendments to your exam accommodations that are listed in your Support Plan, please let us know so we can prioritise these requests.

You can review your Support Plan by following these steps: 

  1. Go to NottinghamHub
  2. Log in with your University username and password
  3. Click on the ‘Support arrangements’ icon
  4. Click on ‘Accommodations’ (approved support arrangements/reasonable adjustments) 
  5. You can save a copy.  Scroll to the bottom of the list and there is a link to 'Download a pdf of your approved support arrangements'

If no arrangements are showing, incorrect or something is missing, please let us know straight away.


Hidden disabilities & the sunflower lanyard

The sunflower lanyard is a product of the Hidden Disabilities UK scheme.  It provides a visible sign that you have a hidden disability.  More information about the scheme is available on the Hidden Disabilities webpage.

Sunflower Lanyards are now available for students to collect from Cherry Tree Lodge reception. No evidence is required when collecting a Sunflower Lanyard. If students are unable to collect in person, please let us know and we can post a lanyard out to you.