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Alternative exam arrangements

For examination adjustments to be put in place we require appropriate supporting evidence.  Once in place, they will be maintained throughout your time at the University but can be reviewed and updated as necessary.

Reasonable adjustments in exams can include:

  • Additional time 
  • Room adjustments 
  • Use of a computer
  • Adjustments to the format of exam papers
  • Support workers (scribes or readers)

These examination adjustments, when approved by Disability Support Services, may not be relevant for all the assessments you take during your time at University.  Please speak to the relevant person in your School/Department prior to any timed assessments to verify the accommodations that are in place. 

If you move from an undergraduate to a postgraduate course please contact us to confirm you still require the same arrangements. 

Please contact us as soon as you become aware you need support.  Do not wait till the published deadline dates below.

To set up your Support Plan now please follow the instructions on Tell us of a Disability webpage

Deadlines for alternative examination arrangements
Exam periodDeadline for providing evidence via NottinghamHubFurther guidance

January 2024

(Autumn semester exam period)

4pm on Monday 6th November 2023

Please upload your supporting evidence and a completed 'Your Essential Information Form' to NottinghamHub by the deadline date and time given.

Please explain which adjustments you require when you upload your evidence or attach a completed 'Your Essential Information Form' too.

Guidance on evidence requirements

Your Essential Information Form to complete

How to upload to NottinghamHub

May/June 2024

(Spring semester exam period) 

12 noon on Friday 1st March 2024  

August 2024

(Summer reassessment period)

12 noon on Friday 28th June 2024


If the deadline has passed please continue to share your details with us. You will also need to submit an Extenuating Circumstances Form and full details are here.

For the main University Assessment and Examinations information, click here.

Further information on exam procedures and adjustments for students with a disability or long term medcial condition can be viewed in the University of Nottingham's Quality Manual. 

Please note that exam stress, anxiety, panic or nerves are experienced by many students and these are not normally a sufficient reason to provide reasonable adjustments.  If you are feeling particularly anxious you can view the Counselling Services' selfhelp resources which include exam anxiety

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