Alternative examination arrangements (AEAs) are part of a Support Plan that is arranged by the Disability Support Services Team.  Once in place, they will be maintained throughout your time at the university but can be reviewed and updated as necessary.

Reasonable adjustments in exams can include:

  • Additonal time
  • Room adjustments
  • Use of a computer
  • Rest breaks
  • Adjustments to the format of exam papers
  • Support workers (readers or scribes)

Please note, these examination arrangements, when approved by Disability Support Services, may not be relevant for all the assessments you take during your time at university.  If you move from an undergraduate to a postgraduate course please contact us to confirm you still require the same arrangements. Please speak to the relevant person in your school/department prior to any timed assessments to verify the accommodations that are in place.

If my Support Plan is approved, when will my alternative arrangements go live?

Timeframes for requesting reasonable adjustments in exams
If you apply for your Support Plan between these dates:For this examination window: Your alternative exam arrangements commence on:
 1 July 2023 - 6 November 2023 (4pm deadline)  Autumn Semester Exams  15 January 2024
 7 November 2023 - 1 March 2024 (12 noon deadline)  Spring Semester Exams  20 May 2024
 2 March 2024 - 28 June 2024 (12 noon deadline)  Summer Reassessments  12 August 2024

When should I let you know I require extra time in my exams?

Please contact us as soon as possible.  In general, a good timeframe to follow is October for autumn exams, February for spring exams, June for summer reassessments. 


Is there an assessments guide for students with a Support Plan?

Yes, it is available to download and/or bookmark on StudentLife:

Guide to University Exams


I have exams that are centrally timetabled term-time examinations by my support plan was accepted after the application deadline - can I have my alternative arrangements?

Unfortunately, we have three dates where your accommodations are implemented from (in line with the three main examination periods).

For example: Jo applies for a support plan on the 5 September, and has a centrally scheduled ExamSys exam on the 30 October. They are unable to have their accommodations added for this examination, however, the accommodations will be in place for Jo’s exam on the 16 January.

We are unable to add accommodations on an ad-hoc basis. Should you be in this situation, you can raise an Extenuating Circumstances claim.


I haven't sat an in-person exam for a long time, are there reasonable adjustments for anxiety?

Exam stress, anxiety, panic or nerves are experienced by many students and these are not normally a sufficient reason to provide reasonable adjustments.  If you are feeling particularly anxious you can view the Counselling Services' selfhelp resources which include exam anxiety

I have a support plan in place, which contains an accommodation for a sticker in exams. Where do I obtain a sticker for my scripts for in-person exams during the main exam periods?

Stickers are available to all students with the accommodation of “sticker, exams only” in their support plan. These stickers are added to an exam script and read “Wherever possible, this student should not be penalised for errors in spelling and punctuation, untidy handwriting, or clumsiness in English expression.”

For in-person, scheduled exams, these stickers will be available at your exam venue. Invigilators know which students have this reasonable adjustment, so will hand the stickers to you at the end of your exam.

Please attach this sticker to the front of each answer book you have used, or your printed answers if you are working on a computer.

These stickers can only be used for in-person exams. They cannot be used for coursework or online exams. Each academic school sets marking criteria for coursework which is applied to all their students. Please check the criteria with your school. You are advised to use the coursework extension process to allow further time for editing and proofreading if needed. Full guidance for Students with Support Plans - access to coursework extensions.

Our Specialist Study Support Tutors in Disability Support Services can advise on proofreading strategies and assistive software to help with correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation in coursework. Book an appointment with a Specialist Study Support Tutor.