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Support Worker Service for disabled students 


We can arrange Support Workers by referral from your Disability Adviser or Specialist Study Support Tutor.  Support Workers can provide: 

  • Notetaking in taught classes
  • Exam mentoring, reading or scribing
  • Study assistance for mentoring
  • Practical support assistance in labs
  • Sighted guide

If you would like to request access to this service please make an appointment with your Disability Adviser or Specialist Study Support Tutor.  If your DSA report or Educational Psychologist's report recommends consideration must be given to providing a scribe or assistive technology in examinations please make an appointment by emailing 

Please note that you must not ask your support worker to do any additional work for you without the express permission of your Specialist Study Support Tutor or Disability Adviser. 

Arranging notetaking support

The Support Worker Service will contact you once they have received a referral and ask you to provide an electronic copy of your timetable as soon as you can.  After you have been allocated a Support Worker it is your responsibility to:

  • Respond promptly to contact/emails from your Support Worker.
  • Inform both your Support Worker and the Support Worker Service as soon as you find out about any timetable changes or cancellations.
  • Give the Support Worker feedback if you require the notes to be written in a particular way.
  • Email the Support Worker Service if you do not receive your notes within the agreed timescale or if you have any concerns about your support work.
  • Sign your Support Worker’s timesheet once a month to confirm the hours they have worked to support you. It is very important that you do this within five working days of the time sheet being sent to you. Failure to sign timesheets over a period of two months will result in a review of the support being offered to you.

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