Step 1.

You will need the following information:

  • The type of degree - PhD, DM, MPhil, MRes, etc. 
  • The full title of your thesis 
  • The abstract of your thesis 
  • The names of your supervisors 
  • The year and month when you expect to graduate 
  • The full text of your thesis, in PDF format 



Step 2.

Go to Nottingham ePrints and log in with your university username and password.



Step 3.

Click on 'New Item'.




Step 4.

On the following pages, you should then select the relevant options from ‘Item Type’, ‘Thesis Type’ and ‘Faculty/School’. 

On the following pages, select Item Type (i.e. ‘Thesis’), Thesis type and Faculty/School from the pick lists.



Step 5.

Upload your PDF(s). This should follow the format of [your surname, your first name, student ID, type of submission (ie first, corrections, resub). 

For each file you need to provide further information. Please do not start a new thesis deposit if you have supplemental files (e.g. audio, video, list of required corrections). Put them all on the same record. 

Please note, research data should be archived separately. You can find more information on the research data management webpage