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Funding for GEM (Graduate Entry Medicine) students

The following funding information is applicable to students who are ordinarily domiciled in England. If you are ordinarily resident (but for your course) in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, you should approach the appropriate agency in your country for student support rather than NHS Business Authority (NHSBSA).

Information below is for students commencing the course in September 2024

Year one

In Year 1 you will be charged a tuition fee which in 2024/25 will be £9,250. You are responsible for paying the first £3,465 of the tuition fee to the University yourself. Eligible students can then apply for a tuition fee loan of up to £5,785 from Student Finance England (SFE) for the remainder of the fee. This loan is not means tested.

You may be eligible to take out a loan towards living costs from SFE of up to £10,227.  £4,767 of the loan is non means tested; the remainder is means tested on household income.

Apply on-line for both the Tuition Fee Loan and the Loan for Living Costs at .

There is no longer a grant towards living costs, but depending on your circumstances you may be eligible for supplementary grants e.g. Adult Dependants Grant; Childcare Grant, from SFE.

Years Two, Three and Four

In years two to four you apply to NHS Bursaries who pay the first £3,715 towards the University tuition fee. For the remaining amount £5,535 you will be able to apply to Student Finance England for a tuition fee loan.

In 2023/24- to help with living costs you may receive a non means tested Grant of £1,000, plus a means tested Bursary from the NHS. The maximum bursary for a 30 week academic year is £2,643 . A further £84 per week is available for any week above the 30.  (A lower rate bursary is offered if you live with your parents during term time.) 

You make one application each year for both the NHS fee and living costs bursaries, using their online BOSS application system.

In addition you may be eligible for a non means tested loan of £2,670 (£2,004 if you live with your parents) from Student Finance England. In the final year of study this loan is reduced.

You may be eligible for supplementary grants e.g. Dependants Allowance; Childcare Allowance, from the NHS.

Independent status

The SLC and NHS have slightly different criteria for awarding students 'independent status' which will impact on whose income is used for any means tested assessment. Please refer to SFE and NHS websites for more information.

Additional help from the University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham Core Bursary

Home (UK)fee status students may be entitled to a bursary from the University of £1,000.

The Bursary is towards living costs.

Nottingham Potential Bursary 

A Nottingham Potential Bursary provides an additional £1,000  To be eligible you must meet the following criteria: 

  • You have children or adult dependants and a residual household income figure of up to £35,000

Care Experienced and Estranged student bursary

The University offers a Bursary for Care Experienced and Estranged students

 School of Graduate Entry Medicine and Health Scholarships

The University currently offers two Graduate Entry Medicine Scholarships. Details of the schemes are available from the Bursaries and Scholarships pages.

Other funds

Eligible students may also apply to the Student Hardship Fund and the Childcare Support Fund. For further information and eligibility criteria please visit the Support Funds web page.

GEM students are expected to have made realistic provision at the start of the course to fund both their tuition fee liability and living costs. However, if a student has made reasonable provision but is faced with unexpected essential costs or an unforeseen change of circumstances the Funding & Financial Support team may be able to help. We offer support and advice to students and can also make referrals to other support services.

Disabled Students Allowances (DSA)

Students on the GEM course may be eligible to apply for the Disabled Students Allowances.



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