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Useful numbers and dialling codes

Useful numbers and extensions, as well as information around setting up groups, call diverts and more.



Useful numbers

check_circle   Emergency - 0115 95 18888  

check_circle   Security - 0115 95 13013

check_circle   Estates Helpline - 0115 95 16666

check_circle   IT Service Desk- 0115 95 16677

check_circle   Nightline - 0115 95 14985


Advice and information on which number to call for assistance in the event of an emergency using the University's telephone system:

Dealing with emergencies (PDF)



Telephone system codes

Divert / Follow Me

Phone   Set a call divert

To set a call divert (also known as ‘follow-me’) on your telephone extension:

  1. Lift the handset
  2. Enter *21 immediately followed by either the:
    1. internal extension number e.g. for extension 1234, enter *211234.
    2. external number (prefixed with a 9)
  3. If you are using a Polycom IP, you will need to press 'Dial' to complete the command, if not wait a second or two for the phone system to register the instruction.

If you do not have the access to dial the target number from your phone manually, diverting your phone to the number will not work.

Phone   Remove a divert

To remove a divert:

  1. Lift the handset of the diverted phone and enter #21
  2. If you are using a Polycom IP, you will also need to press 'Dial' to complete the command.
Group Pick-up

Phone   If you have already liaised with Telephone Services to have a group pick up arrangement configured, to pick up the longest ringing phone in your group:


  1. Lift the handset
  2. Enter *84

If you are not sure whether there is a group setup, or whether all the correct extensions are in your group, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Individual Call Pick-up

Users with a group pick up arrangement can also pick up a specific ringing extension from their phone.

Phone   If multiple phones within your group are ringing and you wish to pick up a specific extension:


  1. Lift the handset
  2. Enter *80 <extension>.
  3. If you are a Polycom IP phone user, you will also need to press 'Dial'.
Call Forward

Call forward settings (such as a call forward on no answer to voicemail) cannot be changed by the user.

If you require the call forward settings on your extension to be changed (either the destination number or the number of rings before forwarding the call) please contact the IT Service Desk.



University telephone extension direct dial prefixes

Direct dial prefixes
University telephone extension numbersDirect dial prefix required
13000 - 16999 0115 95 xxxxx
24600 - 24999 01332 7 xxxxx
30000 - 32999 0115 82 xxxxx
48120 - 48189 01522 8 xxxxx
65600 - 65660 01623 4 xxxxx
66000 - 68999 0115 84 xxxxx
75050 - 75089 01205 8 xxxxx
83000 - 83099 0115 82 xxxxx
84000 - 87999 0115 74 xxxxx
89050 - 89069 01476 5 xxxxx


Telephone extensions not in the ranges listed do not have a direct dial number associated but can be contacted by calling the University's primary published number +44 (0) 115 95 15151.

Internal dialling codes from extensions on the University telephone system
ToPrefix extension with                           
Other University extensions (including Medical School & School of Nursing sites) Dial number only
NHS extensions in Queens Medical Centre 74
NHS extensions in Nottingham City Hospital 74
NHS extensions in Kings Mill Hospital, Mansfield 748
Derby City General Hospital 72
London Road Community Hospital 72
Hearing Research 18133
Students Union 68800
Cripps Health Centre 68888


 Internal dialling codes from NHS extensions at the Queens Medical Centre and Nottingham City Hospital

ToPrefix extension with
University extensions (including Medical School) 783
QMC & City Hospital extensions Dial number only
Hearing Research 783 18133
Students Union 783 68800


Internal dialling code from NHS extensions at Kings Mill Hospital
ToPrefix extension with
University extensions (including Medical School) 85783



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