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Celebrating Inspirational Women

This year we launched our Inspirational Women social media campaign. Staff and students were invited to nominate female colleagues in Nottingham and our campuses in China and Malaysia, by explaining their inspirational contribution to the University. 

Almost 150 submissions were received celebrating women at all levels and job types. Each day throughout the March three nominations were shared via social media channels. 

Professor Sarah Sharples, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion said: “I’m delighted by the response to the campaign and the breadth of nominations we’ve had come in. It is incredible to see the number of inspirational acts, some big, some small, taking place around the university and the contribution women are making on a daily basis.”

To see the images and nominations for each person please see the Newsroom blog.

Please find the full list of nominees here:
 Nominee name Nominee job titleNominee faculty, department or area 
Aanchal Rawal N/A NUBS
Alice Coward Student Sport — Netball
Alison Clarke Director, Digital Research Digital Research / Information Services
Amelia Balan Foundation (FASS) University of Nottingham Malaysia
Amira Marzuk School of Media, Languages and Cultures University of Nottingham Malaysia
Amy Mandley 3rd Year Student Theology
Andrea Blackbourn Head of Student Services UP East Registrars
Andrea Greener Medicine Queen's Medical Centre
Ankita Saigal International Business Management University of Nottingham Malaysia
Anna MacLeod Student Volleyball Club
Anushia Thamotharem Staff International Office
Ashley Ng Associate Professor, School of Education University of Nottingham Malaysia
Beth Titchiner N/A Biosciences
Bethany Shaw Physics  University Park
Caroline Essex Head of Education & Student Experience Social Sciences
Carolyn Stanhope Head of HR Specialist Services HR
Cecilia Goria Digital Learning Director Faculty of Arts, CLAS
Charlotte Lush Head of Education and Student Experience Faculty of Engineering
Cherry Poussa School of Health Sciences Queen's Medical Centre
Christine Wilkinson Management Development Manager  Professional Development
Clare Hunter N/A Sociology and Social Work
Cordelia Freeman Teaching Associate Geography
Courtney Greenwell Admin Officer UNIP Management Ltd
Deb Booler Director of Operations Faculty of Arts
Deborah Igunma 3rd Year Philosophy University Park
Denise Eaves Health Promotion Specialist Campus Life
Dr Sivagurunathan School of English University of Nottingham Malaysia
Ellen  CELE University of Nottingham Ningbo
Emma Whitt Assistant Professor Psychology
Fatheen Ghazali Alumni and Donor Relations Office University of Nottingham Malaysia
Fatima Tayeb Computer Science University of Nottingham Malaysia
Fon Ong Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUBS University of Nottingham Malaysia
Gabriella Buttarazzi IC Content Tutor CELE
Gemma Singleton School Operations Computer Science
Georgina Pittman N/A School of English
Hanini Ali Head of Admissions Admissions Office
Hannah Webber Disability Sport Officer Sport
Helen Bowhay School of Education Jubilee Campus
Holly Nelson CELE University of Nottingham Ningbo
Iman Liao Computer Science University of Nottingham Malaysia
Isobel O'Neil Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Haydn Green Institute, Business School
Jeanne O'Connell CELE University of Nottingham Ningbo
Jess Tyson School of Life Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences Queen's Medical Centre
Jess Price School of Psychology University of Notitngham Malaysia
Jo Lymn Dean of School of Health Sciences FMHS
Joanne Hancock Assistant Professor Education
Judy Muthuri Associate Professor Business School
Kang Ting School of Pharmacy University of Nottingham Malaysia
Karen Braithwaite Vet School Sutton Bonington
Katharine Adeney School of Politics and International Relations University of Nottingham UK
Kathy Simmons Head of Department M3 Engineering
Laila AlQuirim Business School University of Nottingham Malaysia
Lauren Pyle School of Physics University of Nottingham UK
Lea Guetta Language Teacher and Director of Worl-Related Learning Faculty of Arts, CLAS
Leah Ridgway Athena SWAN Lead Faculty of Engineering
Lesley Lane PA to the Director of Procurement Procurement
Lijun Zhang CBRE University of Nottingham Ningbo
Linda Allsop Health Sciences Medicine
Lindsay Norman School Operations Computer Science
Liz Sockett Professor Medicine and Health Science
Liz Bailey Assistant Professor School of Biosciences
Liz Lesquereux  Head of Business and Local Partnerships Research and Innovation
Loren Querickiol Student, Student Engagement Assistant and Education Representative CLAS
Louise Crewe Professor of Geography and APVC Education and Student Experience Social Sciences
Lucy Jones Assistant Professor in Sociolinguistics School of English
Madalina Stalniceanu Policiy and Public Affairs Coordinator Global and Political Affairs Unit, External Relations
Mari Hughes Operations Manager  School of English
Maria Mahbub  N/A Mechanical Engineering
Maria Konyelicska Nottingham Lakeside Arts External Relations
Marieke Vries Faculty of Science and Engineering University of Nottingham Malaysia
Marilena Minoia Arts Language Centre University of Nottingham UK
Marina Ng Computer Science University of Nottingham Malaysia
Marisa Marmo Language Teacher Faculty of Arts, CLAS
Mavis Lin Student Affairs University of Nottingham Malaysia
May Mullins VP for Teaching and Learning FHSS
Maya Rai Mental Health Advisory Service Administrator Mental Health Advisory Service
Melissa Kam Faculty of Science and Engineering, Biosciences University of Nottingham Malayisa
Melissa Yoong School of English University of Nottingham Malaysia
Melissa Brown Dr International Communications
Min Rose Deputy Director Knowledge Exchange Asia Research and Innovation
Nabila Albaiti Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Foundation in Arts Lecurer University of Nottingham Malaysia
Nadia Shaharul Nottingham University Business School University of Nottingham Malaysia
Nadiah Mohamad Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences University of Nottingham Malaysia
Nafizah Khan EEE University of Nottingham Malaysia
Nagamani Bora Academic School of Biosciences
Natalie Sullivan Student Services Administrator Registrars
Nicola Dean Senior Team Leader Cafe Aspire, Amenities Building
Nur Baharuddin Alumni and Donor Relations Officer University of Nottingham Malaysia
Olivia Scott N/A Veterinary Medicine
Oluwatomi Akingbade N/A Life Sciences
Patti Wallace  Counselling University of Nottingham Ningbo
Paula  Senior Research Fellow Medical & Health Sciences, Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Rebecca Ford Associate Professor School of Biosciences
Rebecca Ferrari Engineering University Park
Roshini Rajan Business Economics & Finance University of Nottingham Malaysia
Ruby Harrison N/A Medic
Ruth Blunt Lecturer in Applied Entomology and Parasitology Faculty of Biosciences
Sally Melling Health Sciences Queen's Medical Centre
Salome Sanchez Material Science Faculty of Engineering
Sam Woodhams Student Services Manager Registrars
Sandy Loh Associate Dean for FOSE, School of Biosciences University of Nottingham Malaysia
Sangeetha Veerasingam Senior Officer Student Association
Sannia Mareta CEle University of Nottingham Ningbo
Sarah Hunter Disability Advisor Student Services
Sarah Humphreys Sport Department University of Nottingham Ningbo
Sarah Speight Professor of Higher Education, University Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning School of Education
Sarah Dauncey Associate Professor Chinese Studies, School of Sociology
Sarah O'Hara PVC Education & Student Experience Executive Office
Sarina Liu Provost Office University of Nottingham Ningbo
Serena Gough N/A Civil Engineering
Shearer West Vice-Chancellor Vice-Chancellor's Office
Sien Kok Department of Civil Engineering University of Nottingham Malaysia
Sunita Tailor School of English University Park
Susanne Seymour Associate Professor School of Geography
Suyin Gan Faculty of Science & Engineering University of Nottingham Malaysia
Tracey Potts Associate Professor Faculty of Arts
Tracy Sisson N/A University Park
Vivien Chen Director SSO
Wan Azli Computer Science University of Nottingham Malaysia
Wendy Brennan PA to Head of School School of Physics and Astronomy
Woan Hung Nottingham University Business School University of Nottingham Malaysia
Yoon Ashley School of Education University of Nottingham Malaysia
 Ziyi Zhao Nottingham University Business School IBE

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